4.x updates

When 4.x comes out will there be update every week like 3.0 or when ???

Only if updates are needed. We don’t know yet because 4.0 isn’t out and can’t be “improved” or “fixed” with updates.

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Speaking of 4.x,
When you reckon it will be out by? This weekend or next weekend?

or maybe a month ;-;

Probably in 2-3 months

brb in 3 months.

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I honestly hope that Nelson doesn’t make it a habit to update every single week. When people, especially those in a community of “less mature” folk, see an update, they usually think that there should be something new added, and get upset when it’s just bug fixes. This mentality could have possibly been one of the reasons why 3.x is so chock-full of content but lacks in optimization and bug fixes.


Personally I liked the weekly updates, I had something to look forward to every week.


I think updates every second week is better.

In steam forums and discord server people seem to be calm whenever there wasn’t an update for the week. Unless server management is more advanced like updating along with the game, I think it gives server owners a break. Also less time constraints for the dev so he wont rush things in bits and pieces.

Otherwise, updates with an unpredictable schedule is fine


I’d prefer a two-three week cycle of major updates with minor updates/bug fixes occuring every week or so (irregular but fairly common).

A major update would likely add perhaps a new map, or some new gameplay feature. Perhaps even content packs (like 3-5 firearms, a new enemy type, etc) as well.

This would allow for a steady flow in content, but bugs and the like to be fixed in a week or less.


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