5 Things I think Unturned 3.0 would benefit from changing or adding

I put my thoughts into this video:

But the TL;DR of the video is this:

  • Let me salvage buildables as fast as I can in admin mode, it makes base building on servers take longer and would honestly just be a minor QoL change.

  • Change the EXP system by combining or removing certain perks as well as making it so skills are not lost on death, I don’t mind EXP being lost but bought skills being lost is frustrating.

  • Make all wood buildables have the same statistics and also make brick craftable by changing metal nodes on the map to clay nodes, metal is already easy to aquire so I don’t see why not, you could also have both metal and clay nodes.

  • Make all barrel attachments not lose durability like the Military and Ranger barrels and make it so weapons stop functioning at 0% rather than doing progressively less damage under 50% durability.

  • Make the default amount of crop gain to be 2 and at least 1 seed so that farming is actually effective without having to dump a bunch of EXP into it before even attempting to farm.

Lemme know what you guys think about these proposed changes and what other minor or otherwise things you would like changed.


Very cool Benedict

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Nice video

You should really make a voting in this post.
EDIT: As of my opinion, I’ll share it later (It’s 11 pm for me), probably tomorrow.

I’m all in, it is indeed quite infuriating to lose all skills upon death, tho it might be a bit too op, maybe make it lets say that after a certain amount of skills unlocked, a person can lose 10% of their skills upon death. That might manage some balance between gameplay and punishing death.

  1. Buildables salvage speed. This topic was raised somewhere, at some point, but it all boiled down to people removing walls constantly to keep others away from their base. I like the idea, but we can’t have admin salvage speed in multiplayer. Sure, it can be increased by 10-20% but not more, really.

  2. Skill system does need a revamp. Actually now that someone mentioned it, combining some skills might be a good idea. Some professions are just obsolete and some skills are just a chore to do. I wanna make sandwiches, but cooking 3, come on? What if support skills would get combined? Say, merge fisherman’s skills to cook? This idea definetly needs more thought.

  3. I could agree that wood buildables should have the same stats. It would benefit everyone and wouldn’t change the meta or whatever. Just a minor QoL change. On the note of clay and metal stuff I would say no, but I like the idea of making bricks actually useful. Also, Nelson, brick floor and roof when?

  4. I could agree on doubling attachments durability, but making them unbreakable might be a bad idea. Imagine getting sprayed down by an infinite muzzle every night. It also makes weapons like PDW obsolete.

  5. How about default (level 0 farming) gain per crop would be 1 crop and 1 seed? Seems more balanced to me. Otherwise farming skill would be obsolete. Tbh I really doubt this change is much needed. If you wanna farm you max the skill anyway. If you just want something to eat then you will grow that tomato seed at 0 farming to live another day.


You mean useful, right?


I disagree with combining perks, it kinda already exists as Skillsets and i like it more when you have rather specific perks than just having a skill that does everything combined.

Yeah, sorry. Didn’t notice that when I was spell-checking.

Then, perhaps, skill loss on death should be disabled by default. Maybe make it off on easy and normal mode, but leave skill loss enabled on hard? Or just cut it down to 10% loss and make library tax lower on non-existent.

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