7 Days to die anyone?

Anyone want to play 7 days to die? I dont want to be alone, Im terrible at survival horror games, except subnatica. I dunno, let me play for a minute XD
msg me or speak in the topic if you want to join, but I dont want to many people tho XD
also, say after 30 minutes I think Ill have this topic as irrelevant anymore XDXD… Its fine if nobody wants to play :confused: Ill just go around sneaking and trying to beat up zombies.

ehh nevermind, I somehow turned off food and thirst XD
Edit, No I havent XD, its just hidden…

found a town, if anyone wants to join int he last 5 minutes XD

and i died…

So it became night, and since Im a wimp,a nd cant remember if hordes attack at night, I logged off, probably wouldve stayed on if others were there

talk about one sided convos

yes XD, its quite boring alone.

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