8 Littles ideas for Unturned 4.x

Hello! There is a few ideas my brain suddenly had :

-Zombies follow each others. If a zombie hear a zombie, he will try to follow it to check what he heard.
-Longer days/nights : Best for Survival I think.
-more you hold left click with a bat for example, more it hurts.
-Sometimes, the knife get stuck in the zombie’s head. Then you’ve to hold left click/right click to remove it.
-Zombies have fast, sudden and vague moves when they saw you, However they’re calm when there isn’t any human alive.
-Darker nights when there’s fog/clouds.
-Bring zombies with a vehicle.
-Personalise animations of our character (4 choices for example).

1st one I like, but the others are already suggested or planned. And some don’t sound good.

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huh I have a doppelgänger, tho nice ideas but some have been discussed

  1. The ai is going to be improved, so I wouldnt be suprised if something like that was included
  2. Yeah makes sense
  3. Power attacks are planned
  4. This would just be really annoying and not fun at all, would only make sense with arrows or throwing knives or something like that, if it was with knives it would not be a fun or interesting game mechanic
  5. Sure
  6. Planned
  7. You mean attract them? I would be surprised if this isnt planned
  8. That would just heavily increase the workload for nelson if you are saying 4 different animation for every action, but if you are talking about emotes like in fortnite or something then no
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1.This is already planned
2.There should be a limit on how much power you can give in an attack (Probably determined be skills) because if there’s not I’m 1.000.000% certain that someone is gonna hold the button down for 10 minutes and he is gonna be like:


Jk,I’m sure there will be a limit,Nelson is not stupid :blush:

First idea is interestingly enough


You can already do this in 3.0

Planned, but it should have a certain limit as to how long you can hold it for. (Probably 10 seconds tops with max skill) but to nerf it, your speed would go down to 50% until you release

Suggested multiple times, most probably planned

Cool idea, pretty simple, but already suggested

I believe you can do this in 3.0 as well

thumbs up

Need more explanation

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