A bunch of suggestions

Hello Nelson. Your Game is Pretty Cool, You Should Add Drifting, Akimbo Pistols And Sharks Maybe Detailed Animals too, Then Make a Simply Way to Create servers on Unturned 4.x, Then maybe A More Detailed Military Outfit Like The U.s Marine Ranger, Then like A ghost Zombie And At last A Realistic picking Up Weapon. Thank you for reading this Sorry For My grammar (I’m From Italy) I wish you will add at the minium one thing that i said, Cyaaa

Several of those are planned, either in 3.X or 4.X


Planned, but not yet implemented (as vehicles are really just cubes added for test purposes regarding spawning entities).

The framework for dual-wielding is implemented already, and a handgun has been added already. Finishing it just hasn’t been that high of a priority.

Planned for Unturned 3, although low-priority and may not actually be seen added to Unturned 3. That being said, aquatic animals are likely being considered for 4.

Already a given.

Already implemented.

Do you just mean camouflage patterns? A military camouflage pattern is already implemented. Unknown if various camouflage patterns will be added however, rather than just the one.

More detailed clothing is a given regardless, I’m just not sure of how you are defining “detailed.”

Might not happen, based on 4’s direction to be more dark and realistic-oriented that might be pushing it. Unturned 3, however, is planned to feature spirit zombies in the future in some form or another (most likely on one of the several curated upcoming maps).

Unsure of what this is asking for, tbh.


I got a drinking game for the community: Everytime someone suggests something already in development, take a shot. I can guarantee that your liver will off itself within the hour.

Seriously, can we get a sticky thread that contains the Trello and Github, and all the Devlogs? It’d stop a lot of essentially copy-paste suggestion threads, as well as better inform the community about what’s in development and when.


Plus, I already feel tipsy just from remembering the amount of posts that ask for stuff already planned


i will make a greate update!and iwill make unturned greate again!
Nelson Sexton,2018

Ciao, parlo un po’ italiano, but yes, most of these things were already confirmed to come out.

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I redid the title to reflect the content of the post better.

Also as the others have said almost all of this is planned or implemented already

Unturned is still a great game, and 4.0 will be a separate game :wink:

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yes i know but it still a “unturned saga”

Like akimbos?

Yeah Some of those things are A survival Thing

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