A DarkRP menu

I would like a DarkRP menu or the Roleplay menu types in the servers search bar
as in the game Garry’s mod, because it will be more convenient to look for Roleplay servers. :grinning:

Just type “DarkRP” in the servers search bar.

RP is not a good part of unturned so I dont think this should be added


For this sort of stuff you all that is needed is more flexible modding. Probably to a point where you can make it a different game, but not a total overhaul.

This should be a mod.
But not part of the actual game.

RP is just a community-run type of server and not from the vanilla game. Unneeded or as a mod, though I don’t think anyone want to create a mod that simply adds in another search bar specifically for RP servers.

Would be better when some guy would eventually create a website/page in a server site which lists RP servers or has an ‘RP’ filter in the search list

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