A Desert Dweller's Armaments |Kuwait Blog #5|

Welcome back!

I think I can safely say that this is the blog that everyone’s been waiting for secretly- time to talk about the weapons.

Many people wouldn’t consider a map good if it didn’t come with new weapons, so hey, why not discuss my plan for them?
Starting off with a possibly controversial idea, limiting SMGs.
I’ve always personally hated how SMGs are a secondary weapon choice, and by extension overshadowing pistols, so on Kuwait I’ve decided to completely remove SMGs (with the exception of the Viper, Yuri and possibly Empire) to make the map a lot harder.

To make up for this however, a new pistol has been introduced.

/// The Catalyst

Specifications: Police-grade two shot burst pistol, chambered in civilian ammunition.

This little guy is a great sidearm to any survivor in the harsh desert environment, It makes quick work of any enemy you may encounter- at the cost of civilian ammunition.

Next up is the new Militia backed weapon of the region.

/// The Sandstorm

Specifications: With 35 shots of pure mayhem, this reliable Russian weapon features a slick black design that helps it’s user blend into the cold night.

This weapon is sturdy, what it may lack in a slight damage reduction it will more than pay off in durability. You can find it in the many scattered Militia locations on the map.

Moving onto the farmstead- a more rustic weapon can be found…

/// The Colonizer

Specifications: Boasting an impressive 10 bullets in its clip (for its time)- this British battle rifle is found in Farms and can be a great weapon to get you off your feet.

It may look a bit funky, but it does it’s job; and well. You can count on this rifle to take out the opposition, and easily.

And now, one of the two Military weapons.

/// The Heatwave

Specifications: This weapon packs a punch. While only offering Semi, this DMR/Assault Rifle mix will infact be your primary weapon most of the time you survive here.

This is - the - military weapon you will be using, while the other (more modern and coincidentally rarer) model is hidden away somewhere. Should I showcase it? Nope. It’s your job to find it!

I really like the way these weapons turned out, I’ve gotten an immeasurable amount of help from @Renaxon and @Dah_Gun_Geek on these, and I couldn’t thank them enough. I didn’t want to go overboard with the amount of weapons; so I thought that five would be the sweetspot to offering a new and fun experience.

Once again, thank you for reading lengthy post.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

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cool but does the map have sand?


Is the catalyst based off the FNX 45? Cause it is one of my favourite pistols of all time :grin:

Sadly, no- It’s based off of an Emirates based pistol called the ‘Caracal’.

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Kuwait in a nutshell

But really, the map and weapons seem to be coming along really nicely! I can’t wait!

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kuwhat the fuck this is cool

Obscure Arabian pistol, AK-12 or AK-15, and some kind of M16/AR-15 platform rifle.

You forgot the wooden boomstick I’m going to sHOVE UP-



i dont like the view model but the guns look cool

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Yeah, it’s a custom viewmodel, good to hear that you like the guns though :slight_smile:

Brought to you by the British Kingdom


The names of the guns are inspired by certain criteria :stuck_out_tongue:

that enfield better bolt faster then any other bolt action in the game or i want my money back

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give me my enfield back you damn colonial

no but seriously those are some tasty firearms, great work

How do you know that’s a Lee-Enfield?
It could just as easily be a Lee-Metford

if it IS a metford, the sight’s completely wrong. not to mention the metford could also take 8 rounds.

It’s the iron sights from the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1, a variant that has the rear adjustable flip-up sight.

The Lee-Metford also had sliding leaf sights.

yeah…in front of the bolt.