A digging system

so basically what im trying to say is there should be a digging system in unturned II like in 7 days to die
where you build underground bases or hide items like a treasure or hidden storage using a shovel

sorry bad english


tis a good idea…but, I made a similar suggestion in the past but this would require a lot more of the computers leaving the game very heavy, going against Nelson’s idea of having a better optimized and polished game, I prefer a system like that of Day Z, where you bury items and can get them out of there later, something useful that does not interfere with performance.


I’ve always thought of a concept like this. But I was always stuck as to how it would work. Would you use a spade to dig out the dirt in 1³ metre area? Or would it work like the editor where it temporarily alters the shape of the terrain? then you need to ask, how would you fill the hole? would dirt become a placeable item? It all seemed very confusing to implement so I never really looked into it further, and I doubt such a system will ever be put in place.


In the last interview with Nelson I think he said that it won’t happen sinc it would require some system for horizontal digging wich isn’t implemented and that right now it dosn’t seem like digging will be a thing


That might work in a game with a randomly generated map like 7 days to die but what we could do is have stashes that you burry and you could place a few items inside , the stash would be a simple small wooden box.


The main problem I’ve always had with suggestions for diggable terrain is that it seems like a very easy mechanic to abuse. Digging in places you’re not supposed to dig, underground-related glitches such as going through the ground, griefing servers by just digging literally everywhere, etc. Not to mention dug terrain in 7D2D tends to look extremely ugly, but that’s just my personal opinion.

There’s a lot of exploits that would take way too much time and effort to attempt to fix (7D2D has its fair share of digging related exploits too), and all for a mechanic which has only minor benefits and doesn’t add very much to gameplay.


It’s gonna be very buggy

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