A few suggestions for 4.0

Just some suggestions. These are all personal opinions.

  • Zombies that roam around.

  • Harder to raid bases. Make it a real challenge.

  • Canvases people can draw and or write on.

  • Paint. All the paint. Possibly for cars & homes.

  • More survival elements.

  1. Currently zombies feel like a sitting target and it’s way too easy to clear out a town and sneak past them. Another idea is if you shine a flashlight in their face they will go after you, unlike 3.0.

  2. Vanilla bases are a joke. Yes, admins can buff them up but getting into a base needs to be a challenge depending on the tier.

3 & 4. Allow us more creative freedom so servers don’t feel so bland when driving past other peoples bases.

  1. 3.0 barely has anything focused towards PvE minus the food and water system. Most of the servers just feel like a fortnite KOS fest and people get bored easily after building their bases and gearing up. Give us something to work forward to.

Global navmesh confirmed.

Please specify, there are already proposed systems based on number of players.

That’s going to result in a ton of people drawing swastikas and dicks.

Yes. No lime green though.

Please specify.

Agreed, stationary targets are too easy to shoot at.

I’d recommend you read the Building Bible, see if that fits your suggestion.

Define creative freedom, please. If you mean furniture and other decor, Unturned arguably already has that.


Not too bad for your first post, however on the other hand these generic “make Unturned II more survival-based” and “make Unturned II less focused on PvP” posts are a dime a dozen. For future reference, it would be great if you could specify and go into detail about how you want a certain system to work.

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  1. As RedComm said. ^

  2. What do you mean by harder? If bases are too hard to raid, it gives the person in the base an extreme upper hand, you need to specify what you mean by harder.

  3. I agree, it’s a small feature but something that I think has a lot of creative potential.

  4. Same as 3

  5. Unturned II is already set out to be more focused on survival elements and factors, so no need to worry there.

I disagree, in regards to creative freedom, Unturned is extremely limited, that’s why I absolutely love makeshift vehicles so much, because it’s the antithesis of that. However when you require a mod to add chairs to the game, you know there’s a lack of, furniture, for example. Since Unturned is a sandbox PvE, PvP and somewhat story based game, not a “Make a pretty house” simulator, I can see why there are many creative limits, though in Unturned II I’d really like to see more creative options, such as paint, more furniture etc.

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Read the damn devlogs and the trello. most of these have already been confirmed, and therefore your “suggestions” are pointless. Read up on everything before making a post with more suggestions. Something to keep in mind.

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that’s a lot of reading then

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thats a LOT of reading :face_with_monocle:

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I think you should add some gloves, shoes and glasses (other than NV) to be found on the map.
Some riot tops vests etc. ( like those on France) should be added on every map. You could put in the possibility to paint but only when you have a pencil or something like that ( it should be rare). A police backpack and a thief vest could be nice.
I would really like to find these in-game when UII comes out.
And the best thing you can add: a co op story in 4 players which shows how the outbreak happend!


welcome to the forum wrath !

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on these pages you can find most of unturned II information


Thanks for the feedback. :smile:

As for a reply;

Harder to raid bases= Make them put effort into gathering said items to raid said bases. And said items shouldn’t be too abundant. I’m not saying make it too hard. Just some form of system where it requires actual effort to bust down a door. (The Building Bible fits the idea)

Canvases= That could be an issue, yes. I have seen people write slurs on notes and or use text emojis to get around it.

More survival elements= More PvE aggro such as roaming hordes that could possibly attack your base or catch you off guard. I’m sure wolves and bears or other aggressive animals will be in the game.

Creative freedom= Being able to paint our bases and such. The current items in Unturned are too bland. Give us more variety with the styles such as different lamps, beds, tables, and so on. Yes this is already in the workshop but not in the vanilla game. Slanted roofs would be nice as well, instead of the flatness. I’m not asking for a Sims set up or anything, just some sort of system where the bases aren’t bland.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out.

You… You monster!

But yeah, I agree


It doesn’t really matter about what people draw on the canvases, people can already write swear words and swastikas on signs and flags anyway.


Agreed. Plus what people say over the mic.


Some of you may have already mentioned stuff like this but how about instead of just having npcs confined to the area of a safezone, what about traveling merchant npcs the can trade with you but also make stops at places like safezones and landmarks and defend themselves if they were attacked? I know it would take a lot of work to make it but still pretty cool. Or stray npcs that could help you protect your base or just accompany you on journeys throughout the game’s maps. And maybe something where you reach the edge of a map and you could keep going and it will load another map/world that would be located closest to the original map that has been loaded. like I said before, it would take probably too much work, but not impossible and are just ideas. One more thing, possibility of getting struck by lightning and having a higher chance of getting struck when holding metal objects.

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Kinda what I suggested with my Npc towns post.

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Also, how about custom labels for maps? Like in the unturned map editor you need nodes to label locations on your map, what about some sort of buildable that allows you to put a custom label on the map without editing the actual map? For example, you decide to join a group, and the group has their own player-built village/town. They want people to be able to know the location of the town (for trading and things like that) so they decide to craft and place this buildable in the town so it creates an actual label on the map (or GPS). But have a restriction so people can’t place it within a certain radius of a location node placed with the editor.


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