A Forum Experiment (How could it hurt?)

I am certainly not the first person to make a post about the influx of newcomers. I love seeing new people come to the forums, it’s great to know the community is still active apart from the twenty people that I know play the game. Though I am sure everyone has seen a substantial drop in post and comment quality, I am here to propose an experiment that may or may not yield a solution.

If we remove the liking system, or add a dislike feature, there will be less reason to create shit and spam. I propose we do this for two weeks just to see if there is any actual change in the quality when there isn’t an arbitrary number that people want to strive for.

I am not sure how possible this is, though I think it would be interesting to try it out. (and I really do not want this to devolve into r/unturned)

Edit: Also the “How Could It Hurt?” is a genuine question, I want to know if this will cause any issues that aren’t worth the potential quality control.


I’m in for removing the liking system because a dislike feature will make people negative and then the forums will become a mess.


The problem with the dislike feature is that it can potentially turn the Forum in a giant circle jerk.

Even if that doesn’t happen, posters would face the issue of not knowing what people might necessarily dislike about a post.

If you dislike a post or disagree with it’s execution, leave a comment on how you would like to change it, this is how good quality discussions get started.


Maybe a forced system to comment when disliked.


We shouldn’t add a dislike system, because I would dislike it.


I would like it

how about Reddit’s Upvote/Downvote System
seems to work very easily over there

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We all know how that worked with webtoon. Some random guy downvotes your comment so they can get the top comment, and your actually decent comment never sees the light of day again.

Comments could be pinned so they aren’t downvoted and thrown to the bottom

Still won’t work, people will only pin the comments THEY like. Not the actual ones criticizing the post.

no all comments are pinned and they stay where they are
that way, they aren’t moved to the bottom

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Edit : then our problem wouldn’t be fixed

My last brain cells are trying to understand pesky.


Maybe instead of making the change forum wide for 2 weeks, maybe just have the lounge have no like/dislike button. That way if someone make a genuinely good post in the other categories, they can still receive likes.



Pesky, you can leave the forums now.


Nah, I’m prolly gonna stay here for the next 2-3 years.
Buckle up, partner

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I know a better experiment

Temporarily ban the top 12 users and see how the forum goes


But wait, the mods are included there, right?

Edit: I dunno if I’m included, but if you temp ban me with my 200+ day streak, I will end you.

News just in: SDG’s current active users goes up by 300%

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