A Goodbye to the SDG Forum

I used to roam around this forum from late 2017 to early 2019 and was very active in 2018. I didn’t know how social media works or how the forum works, I was just a hapless mazed kid lost in this forum, hated by many and loved by many (or at least). I wasn’t really shaped to realize how to speak with other people who have their own ethics. But this forum ended up with me learning how most social stuff works properly.

And now it was the time to the bird to leave its nest, and fly far away… but not really “now” since I left it already and travelled around other places like social media and other forums. I felt happy around these places; felt like if they were my home and my current residence is Discord, but now you wonder “Why the hell are you writing this stupid essay?”. Well, the answer is that I want to THANK you all for accepting me and helping me to make memories there.

Also, I want to special thanks to 2rgames for getting me into Unturned in the first place. so it ends here, I think it’s time to say “Goodbye” but I don’t think so really, I would just rather say “See you in Unturned II ;)”.


Very touching :cry:

Good luck in your new residence!


Much love; see you in Unturned II!


I really don’t think these posts should exist, at all
the whole idea of saying goodbye seems pointless to me


I see this more as a thank you letter than a goodbye letter.

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Well, because I wasn’t going to go “full goodbye” and I wanted to really thank this community.


Cool, but who are you ?

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:wave: bye

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