A headshot in the turned,and new tutorial ideas

One of the things that is usually part of a zombie apocalypse is that not even a zombie can be killed if it is not hit in the head, I think that making all zombies of unturned II have to be killed with a blow to the head is a horrible idea , since it goes against the concept of a mutant virus and goes but to the old concept of the virus that is lodged specifically in the head, but create a specific type of zombie that can killed with hit in de head only be, is a good idea, aesthetically this zombie would have more notable mutations in their head, to imply that this particular virus has chosen to lodge in the brain, they would be a bit stronger than the standard zombies plus a little faster.

To the tutorial I thought of adding a part for the novice player to learn how to deal with different types of turneds, with guns, knives, batons and so on,with screen messages written, "stay away from him and use guns at the distance ‘’

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“O tiro na cabeça virado”


I see no sense in this expression , and I’m Portuguese myself

I ended up writing without translating by accident.@Sirba,“virado” to the Brazilian Portuguese means, transforming that is the name given to the zombies of unturned II.

Great suggestions man! Also the Idea of the mutated zombies is awesome!

What? What the fuck?

I think Unturned 3.0 has very repetitive enemies, they all have the same weak point, the head. As I said in other posts, I would like to see turnouts that have unique abilities and weaknesses, for example a turn that only takes damage to the head (as you said in your idea, at least that’s what I understood) and another that you have to destroy its members. I would like to see many types of turneds, like the Dead Space Necromorphs.

maybe if we going to have hard mode i think all zombies should be just got for the head kill thing

Really, that’s a good idea, yes.

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