A little help with my perspective?

Ok,I always use first person perspective,everything its ok,but i’ve seen a youtuber that when he uses first person,his guns look farther,for example the PDW,i can only see the base of the stock,but he can see a part of the stock,those small tubes.I want to see my guns like him,I’ve tried raising the FOV,and resolution together,but nothing,can somebody tell me how to do it,or what i need ?

Oh it’s a little bit of editing code. MTN did a tutorial AI believe

Oh,ok thanks,But who is MTN? :grin:

oh,thanks :smiley:

hmm,I cant find anything about that tutorial,can somebody give me the link,please? thanks

Isn’t it just the FOV in the main options?

nope,i already tried,and Aj_Gaming said its a bit of editing code what i want

Now that I think about it, I remember some video explaining that fps games actually use 2 cameras, one for the view and one for what you have in your hands, and that you could rescale each one indipendently.

Maybe was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgKmIv7zc7E

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hmm,let me see

oh yes,that’s it,Thanks :smiley: