A merchant

there are things called youtube videos bruh.

Also, it seems like fallout 76 is trying to fix its bugs, get off the bandwagon and compliment the good Bethesda has done.

why would someone upload fallout 76?,are they delusional

you disgust me.

no no no you disgust me playing fallout 76 for real

unfortunately, I dont even play it myself. But I would very much love to try and play it.

why would you do that have you seen all the reviews,opinions and stuff

I agree although bethesda messes up most of the time Fallout 76 is good, maybe Nelson can get some inspiration ??

nelson gets sued by bethesda

you cant be sued for inspiration boi

Anyways Zervlux, it probably wouldnt be a good idea as for 1~ the fallout world is based in a nuclear wasteland, 2~ its based in a technologically advanced world, but a not as advanced culturally.

It wouldnt work out well, fallout stuff works out well in ITS world, but wouldnt work well in unturneds world.

yes you can havent you seen pubg suing fortnite

they basically made a duplication of pubg, but with a flying bus and golfcarts instead of a cargo plane and random cars.

Though they obviously didnt win the lawsuit, since that isnt proper enough for the courts.

can i get an amen

what, you play fortnite?

no ew do you think my broken router would run that bs

and how fucked up they are ruining the game with the new updates

good. hearing small children talk about how “Fortnite was made before pubg” or “Fortnite is so awesome” or seeing fortnite shirts half the places you go can make you really hate the game.

pls revert

so you Used to like it? I take back my previous statement.

This guy is essentially pesky but much, much more annoying.

At least pesky is somewhat funny.


Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Anybody who plays fork nut and enjoys it is a scourge to humanity. I agree completely with your statement.

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