A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts from June 16th to July 16th (2018)

That’s your name from now on.


this was written at 11am >:C

he wasn’t lying

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I wonder how molt feels about someone publicly stalking him.


he’s probably very happy with it.


You could say that I’m… ego boosted.

Most people carry a folder of memes. Not I, no. Not I.



Always wanted to use that xd, “brings a tear to the eye”

Wait a second. Have you been using some sort of avatar creator to create your profile pics? (Other than the ones made in photoshop)
Das ist gut

What? Is that a profile pic of you being stabbed to death? please hand one over!!! regardless…

What’s the chances molton will just paste his face there?

wait, I just looked back, and a disturbing amount of the pics have you being murderized or decapitated???

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no visible pixel art in the folder




Welp, the 17th is done, and a very quite day for Molton at that. Lets see if the 18th is more exiting.

Grey Fang’s. First row, second to last column.

The snout is too long, it was the plan to prevent him from doing that the whole time. Wish I had made this xd, took it from a comic called slack wyrm or however you spell that.

Yay, I’m in Molton’s personal set of pictures!

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You have not seen the monster it is when he uses it.

One to June 19th! Can’t believe i’m doing this.

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I have learned there is a limit to how much you can edit a post, so i’m waiting to update it tomarrow night. Till then I guess you must go without me.