A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts from June 16th to July 16th (2018)


I am DISGUSTED with your spelling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

mate that’s the joke




After 2 weeks, we have finally breached the first month, and are now into July. Let’s keep this post alive for the rest of the year!

You’re going to hit the character limit, or the post is going to get locked from editing due to how much time will pass. :smirk:

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He could make a new post…


Shhh, don’t give him any ideas.


Oof, :wink::wink:

I have decided a date for when to end this madness, July 16th.

No, and it may 16th of next year.
why that specific date?
I’m glad you asked.
it’s my birthday

Because it would have been 1 month at that point. I would do it for the entire year if I could, but I can’t.

Will keep going if I can though

Just repeat it in comments.

most likley I will just make a new thread

Is this the expiry date of MouldyMontro

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Yeah his wings expire then, so he has to buy more :stuck_out_tongue:
.Also, the forum is telling me that I’ve posted more than. 20% of posts here… That’s disturbing

Big fan I presume

A) I seriously doubt the forum actually told you this, I’d like to see proof
B) you make a lot of unnecessary posts so it evens out

Brutal honesty? Absolutely

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Nelson’s post is 100 times more in value, so technically Nelson wins