A quests to help other topics to 4.0!

In servers of survival you play

  • Play Solo
  • In group of 2-3
  • In group of 4-6
  • In group of 7+

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In relation of skills Your is a favor

  • Remove him
  • Dont Rework
  • Rework in base of skill tree
  • Rework in base of itens you use and have

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Suggestions to more questions please

I usually play alone, or with a friend or two. However, I’m the kind of player that’s up to befriend the whole server if possible, lol.

The new reworked skills system doesn’t have to be necessarily a skill tree; even if it’s just a shit ton of listed individual abilities to be improved, I’d be ok with it, for as long as it’s far more balanced and realistic than current’s 3.x skills system.

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That was really hard to process trough…

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