A rather "big" decision on my map



So, I’ve thought about this before but haven’t really thought of it seriously, until now.

Before I started making “that” map. I thought that large is enough for the size. And it is… kinda.

You see, I wanted my map to be 50% unmarked… for “off-road explorations.” So I’ve “planned” to edited it to Insane size.

How would I do it? I’m not sure exactly. I “could” redo everything, but that would be a nightmare. Or… I could increase the map’s heightmap and those stuffs that is similiar to heightmap (Sounds like I know what I’m doing.) And maybe I’d just replaced the trees and roads… Haven’t really thought of it.

I don’t really minded using a Large size map. But I’m also lowkey wanted to use Insane. So. Here’s a poll for you people to decide.

  • Large is already ok.
  • Insane is better.
  • Other poetic opinions. (With comment.)

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Quad-insane size. Next level


Just use the Devkit to make the map larger.


How exactly?


Toss in more locations and throw in filler material like mountains and cave systems.


Add tiles and use custom borders idk