A rather odd suggestion

I already know that this suggestion is going to get a lot of hate but… let’s just give it a shot, I can take a fair bit of shouting.

So basically this suggestion is adding a difficulty setting, but with one exception. Adding a “Realistic” mode. In realistic mode, the player is heavily penalized for a few things. Take a look:


  • Instant death if shot in head (Does not apply to zombies, helmets excluded)
  • Can be heard from a lot further if shooting.
  • Guns can often be broken or extremely low durability.
  • Significantly slower movement and interaction, intense bleeding if shot in upper body parts.
  • Chance of wound to get sealed by bullet heat (if bullet penetrates entirely), preventing bleeding.
  • Extremely slow movement if shot in one leg.
  • Falling down or being immobilized if shot in both legs.


  • Bandaging yourself does not suppress pain entirely, slow interaction and movement persist.
  • Painkillers take time to get into effect.
  • Resting can significantly improve pain effects.
  • Overdosing medicine can cause damage.


  • Drinking chemicals means instant death.
  • If stabbed in torso, intense bleeding and pain effect.

So ehm… yea. I dunno. The main thing i wanted to focus on here is the one shot headshot, really.

“Realistic” mode would be an entirely new difficulty setting which servers could set for themselves, hopefully.


Too bad no one would play it…


1 shot head shot should be in all difficulties of 4.0(Except easy,let’s give the new ones some breathing space)

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No. This has been discussed multiple times, and the consensus is no 1 shot hedshots.
EDIT: for non hardcore mode.


This should be called Hardcore Mode instead, and to make it proper insanely hard it should have a lot more implications and hardened features.

I really like the basic concept. Regardless, there’s some stuff that just…

I do not agree with that of a game becoming unrealistic for the sake of being unbearably difficult. I’d like this point to state that you wouldn’t be able to keep track of your guns maintenance status via a very exact percentage bar, getting you in the need to maintain more carefully your guns, as these will be slightly more prone to lose accuracy, stability, misfiring or jamming. I’d prefer that much more rather than what you suggested.

Well, I don’t see any sense on this unless ‘0’ skills in any difficulty or game mode.

Extremely… You like that word too much, don’t you?

How slow you will move should depend on how broken your legs are, and this should be determined by the impact force and piercing grade of the bullet shot at you, which could also may vary depending on the gun caliber and the distance from which you were shot. A very extreme term (leading you to almost inmobility) I see here is being shot point blank or really close with a Snayperskya or a stronger gun.

Also, the same principle would be applied to shots in the arms, which are actually a reason for slower interaction and for decreasing overall performance in manual activities. Looking in the PvP aspect, being shot in the arm may make harder to keep your gun’s stability and accuracy, also lowering melee strenght and speed.

Contract Wars and Escape From Tarkov wuz here

I get back to my point: this would be Hardcore mode, as the game itself is looking forward to be all realistic as possible.

Also, for stating your suggestion you focused mainly on PvP gameplay; there’s A LOT of new implications alongside those you mentioned on the PvE gameplay that would make the game even more hardcore, and would probably fairly disencourage PvP in certain grade.

The 1 headshot kill may exist only in this new hardcore game mode. Making the game this hard may disencourage PvP a little bit tho.

Yeah, I forgot to say that that was only for the non hardcore modes.

Farcry + unturned

about this parts

  • Chance of wound to get sealed by bullet heat (if bullet penetrates entirely), preventing bleeding.
  • Extremely slow movement if shot in one leg.
  • Falling down or being immobilized if shot in both legs.
  • Extremely slow movement if shot in one leg.

I believe in case of a low caliber and a good armor hit the target things like this dont happen just imagine. i have a pistol and i enter in the server make 10 minutes you stay with full eqquipement playing at 2 hours and i shoot you by back and you die. because you screen turned red and you moviment stay slowed because you don`t have idea of where did the shot because have a irritant song in you headphones.

about the rest i dont have problem in implement in the game =D

I Severely doubt a normal bullet could cauterize the wound it just made.

True i dont see this

If it was realistic, you would have to clean your weapons or they’d jam.

I’d rather let you play with the settings instead of applying your suggested conditions into the game itself

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They do, it’s a fact. The bullet is so hot so the moment it touches your skin, it seals everything around it because as it forms a crust around the wound.

e w w

Small edit.

Vary small caliber weapons headshots are not one hit, but like 95%, since taking .22 and 9mm headshots in real life is survivable. But still applies bleed.

You can take many paintball and several nailgun shots and survive.

Should be based on the cartridge not the diameter of the bullet. .22 LR and .223 Remington both have bullets of .223 caliber, but have very different performance.

Same point tho?

We don’t need sportshots and (formally) colts guarenteed One shot headshotting people in relistic mode.

Since ya know, not really realistic (unless through eye, bone issues, or temple).

They usually eather bounce, or crack the skull.

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