A separate parameter for the distance of the bullet, bypassing the range of the weapon

I would like to ask about the possibility of adding a distance for the bullet to fly in the cartridge config itself. After all, now in Unturned - the range of the bullet depends on the configuration of the weapon itself. It would be cool to see the opportunity to make the range of the bullet more than the weapon itself allows. It will be just as good if we want to make different types of bullets, with different ranges. I would like to hear Nelson’s opinion on this, and when it will be added - because it’s not difficult at all


I really like this idea!

I think it should act as a multiplier since a gun with a longer barrel could already fire further, while a short barreled gun would have worse ballistics (as for real ballistics logic). Simply loading a cartridge of higher quality generally could improve the gun’s ballistic stats, but at the end of the day, the short barreled rifle is still going to perform worse than the long barreled one.

For the system to be implemented with ease since it’s “not difficult at all”, I beg to differ. Difficulty could vary for Nelson to implement since nobody but he knows what the source code looks like or how its handled. The simplicity sounds like it comes from how it would be implemented and manipulated at interface (simply pasting command lines in the DAT).

Before I close off this fat wall of text;
Sure, explosive ammunition already exists in game, BUT… Having cartridges like +P (high pressure), Incendiary, Armor Piercing, and Hollow Points with different ballistics would be amazing to see in game!

I’d imagine it would go somewhere along the lines of Tarkov-Style (Semi-Realistic) Cartridges:
+P would be great ballistic-wise.
Incendiary would be average, but with excellent armor penetration.
Armor piercing, same as incendiary, but much more common at a nerfed ballistic cost.
Hollow Point would fly pretty darn slow, but would hit like a truck on soft targets.
…and Full Metal Jacket would just be regular Vanilla ammunition with untouched ballistics.


I feel like that something that realistic would be more appropriate for a curated map or mod than the vanilla game. Especially since in vanilla the special ammo types (tracer&explosive) are barely used.


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