A Small Yet Important Option

We should have multiple volume slider’s.
Like 1 for noise produced by microphones for things like i.e I don’t have to mute my entire game to not hear people screaming in a PVP server. Soooo “Voice Volume” (example)

One for sound effects sooo gunshots things like that. This will be ESPECIALLY HELPFUL due to the fact that (especially with mods), the amount of gun-related noise in Unturned 3 with certain popularly used gun mods can be INSANE (it makes it more annoying especially since we live in a world STRONGLY against noise produced at certain decibel levels now being illegal due to being a nuisance and noise pollution).

For example, I want to play with a bud that I will call K4R1 (This is a situation that happened). We are on a RP server and are talking with admin. But we can’t hear shit because people in the middle of a robbery-turned-shootout keep fucking shooting. And now I either have to listen to people shooting at 60-80 decibels just to understand a few words of what he’s saying (if I can even hear it over the shooting) or just not hear him. The other option is to use EXTERNAL SOURCES (like Discord) TO ARRANGE PRIVATE CALLS EACH TIME WE WANT TO TALK OVER A SERVER.

Adding a slider bar for sound effects like gunshots would fix all of that.

And then last but not least, music effect.

Just because if we ever get something similar to the hell of Tamama’s Automobile music with 24 players EVER on Unturned II. Hell will break loose, or the Unturned Main Menu music you hear every time you go within distance of a damn radio, this music slider would be a life saver against that.

These are simple and considered basic sound options for modern games- and would give my life so so much calm to have…

Then you can have the master volume’s and maybe even the background volume’s for rain and shit.


Well with the volume for voice chat, it already exists. Although, even with it maxed out I’m personally incapable of hearing other people talk even with very little noise in-game besides the person talking.


I believe that counts for YOUR speech (how loud your volume outputs).

That’s likely wrong and I’m likely stupid since that doesn’t make sense but at the same time- I’ve listened to people while changing the slider’s as a test multiple times.

Got a friend last year who was a small time singer to try and keep her voice frequency for 40 seconds while screaming (and also another friend) as a sort of puberty meme test.

Guess what- she won and I failed at 27 seconds.

We of course recorded it with my other friend (he failed at 5 seconds) and I duplicated into just the audio- turned it’s loudest point and then used that as the base point for pure 10 seconds of white noise.

Got a e friend on unturned to play it- I began adjusting the slider and leaving it at different points and the audio did not seem to lose volume (didn’t record or pick up this time, just heard). Maybe it was some factors I don’t know but yeah. Even placed it at 0 and still heard him (or it was my ears ringing).

And I meant that I want a REAL voice bar, something that can increase or decrease the volume DRASTICALLY.

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I was pretty sure there was a slider for other people but I’m actually questioning that now.

It’s called Inbound Voice Gain.


It should be made to just “Voice Volume” to be less confusing in Unturned II

It should also have a more drastic effect. 400% and I hear no difference.

0% And I hear no difference.

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But that would be more confusing lol.
“Voice Volume” could mean Inbound, Outbound, both, or free cookies.
“Inbound Voice Volume” says right in the name, it’s only for Inbound.

I haven’t tested it though and can’t comment on it working, besides constantly having mine maxed at 400%

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I know- but the main thing is that it avoids confusion with the majority audience of kids.
I remember you from Hut Panda!

Wait isn’t this already on unturned 3 as inbound and outbound voice gain?

Also if your having problems hearing someone couldn’t you up the volume on your computer and on your headset?

Did you read the post… Huff.

Also- there’s no outbound voice gain… There’s a reason NO ONE has mentioned that- randomly throwing something false out doesn’t make you look creative and penetrating to any mind.

4:30 AM- Let’s go for this!

because who reads amir

strongly disagree

checks unturned

oh well would you look at that

i wasn’t trying to penetrate anyone’s mind or trying to be creative

note the difference between question and a witty response

go to bed

actually no stay up i’d rather hear a rambling retarded drunken than a boring debate between two people

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I would repeat-

Don’t be a liar.

There is no outbound voice gain. There’s INBOUND. Okay? I checked as well.

I’m not lying
How am I lying

I thought you would see the joke in there but allow me to explain

I went on unturned
Checked settings
And agree that there is no outbound

Same brother

Late response.

Then don’t try invalidating my statement with something false.

And don’t try screeching out “IT’S A JOKE HEHEHE” right after.

false until proven right

why would i do that

Just provide a screenshot holy fuck

both of you

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well if we both agree on the same thing than whats the point on adding a screenshot

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