A suggestion for the zombie system

I know that 4.x is supposed to be more of PVE instead of PVP like its predecessor 3.x I would like to add a suggestion for that. The system currently only allows zombies to walk within a certain radius, what if they didn’t. In my suggestion there would only be two times that zombies spawn, when the server starts up and outside the map. In single player the server would be automatically set to PVE in this zombies would walk around all the time and would not have a defined radius. The zombies would also move in herds so they could wipe out an entire base that someone has worked so hard to get or make it harder and more exciting for the player to fend off all of the zombies.
When there is a multiplayer server the owner would have a choice between PVE and PVP in PVE it would be the same as a single player world only now players can help each other out. In the PVP it would be the same as PVE just that zombies would not move in herds, meaning they would only just walk around making it easier for the player to get around and kill other people.
Please feel free to tell me your thoughts

Nelson said he wanted to focus more on the PvE aspect doesn’t mean he wanted to make it 100% PvE
Since Unturned is a survival game and 3.0 is seen as a shoot em up type of game rather than survival, 4.0 will be the one to turn the tables as the game will force the player to focus more on their survivability (PvE) than killing others (PvP).
The thought of the xombies wandering around in packs would be a good idea, but it would be a bit of an overkill to allow them to stumble accross your base and destroy it ever so casually that just doesn’t make sense.
Nelson did mention in his trello something about the xombie navigation in 4.0 where it won’t just be cities and barns where they can walk around.100% PvE is never liked by the majority. We still want the freedom to kill others, but the objective is more about your own health, than your bullets you have.


Zombies should destroy only wood bases, then it will look right for me

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I would agree. Especially if Nelson will consider this topic into consideration…

A global navmesh is already planned for 4.0, since in 3.0 it wasn’t possibly due to Unity limitations, hence why in 3.0 we have zombies that don’t go very far.

I play on a server in which Sundays-Fridays is PvE, while the Purge is on Saturday and everyone is free to PvP and raid.

I not even mad, that’s quite impressive!

It’s called SEG PvE On Russia, but raiding was taken off because of a certain…incident that happened last Saturday.

Do tell more. I am nothing but interested.

Oh, never mind. I talked to the owner of the server, and he agreed to add raiding back, on the condition that we do not raid shops and community buildings.
Most of the server admins have good intentions, but I feel some of them may be misguided.
The server owner seems to actually care about his playerbase, and actively works to help the community.
I am part of one of the major factions in the server, making up about 40-50% of the server population.
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