A tunnel


Very nice. 10 characters.

Everything here looks really mismatched - the boulders, the lighting, the puddles on the grass, and even the three different types of grass you’ve got going. The tunnel looks cool, I guess. Could use some things in/around it, boring emptiness is a a condition tunnels suffer from.


It’s a work in progress.

Then just show a picture of it when it’s completed.

That’s alot of peak boulder #8

In all seriousness, either this is a work in progess or that it’s what fusiontato said. “Too plain.”

Adding some road fences near the cliffs or put some stop or yield signs in it should do the trick. Along side with more bushes, trees and vines.

And maybe some sort of wreckage? I don’t know you do you.

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yep, its a WIP. Also the boulders are custom

other than the weird color combination (unless that’s what you were going for), I think it looks cool

is it possible to make the sky darker otherwise nellon would be proud

I like the boulderwork, however you could have used less boulders and it would have looked just as fine/better. However I have a habit of putting too many boulders when I do cliffsides like this lol

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Stop spelling nelson sexton’s name wrong.

Oh sorry I feel like I was being bery rude by doing that action I hope this apology will fix our broken relationship


Honestly I expected to see more.

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