A very cheap Pc im building/upgrading+ My inactivity

Hello guys,been a while i dont connect in here.In part because i Couldnt play Unturned anymore in the last 4 or 5 months because i dont have pc rn,it is in my country and im in another

The thing is that for Vacations and Christmas i moved to Colombia,and for Monetary and politic reasons i couldnt Go back To my Country(btw,im going to reprove school this year probably)…
Like i said, im going to do some money,but not A LOT,just something for my pc(just a bit) and something to go back home
But i dont want to get back home without at least a “better” CPU or GPU but my MOBO limits me A LOT because it is: LGA 775 and DDR2 2 ram slots… and my Monitor is not even HDMI…

ok,this is my pc rn:

-mobo: Asrock G31M-S r2.0

-CPU: Intel E5300 dual core 2.6 Ghz OC’ed to 2.7 Ghz LGA 775

-GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS

-Ram: 4 GB DDR2 2x2Gb: one at 667 and the other one at 800 Mhz (only use 3.2 Gb due to 32 bits limitation)

-OS: Windows 8 pro 32 bits

But due to The Low budget and compatibility issues with more modern parts,
I plan to buy/Upgrade This

-Mobo:Cant buy another one due to budget— the same

-CPU: Intel core 2 quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz

-GPU: EVGA GT 1030 2 gb SC Gddr5 if possible.If not possible,if i cant find it or its expensive,i’ll get a Gigabyte GT 1030 (the one with a big heatsink)

-Ram: Probably ill keep them or maybe if i can,i’d buy another one at 800 Mhz to be on pair with the other

-OS Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits(Tried win 10 but i dont like it lol)

-Others: i need another HDD,mine is giving problems,BSOD’s,Slow startup time,and others.
I need another mouse,mine is giving a lot of problems,im planning to get a Zelotes T90,i like it and its good for my hand,i have big hands.
Maybe another Fan for the Case

So the thing is
Would it run Unturned at more than 50 FPS in medium settings,Or even more in low settings?
I play everything at the lowest+pc tweaks.I dont care Graphics,i want more than 30 fps,60 if possible

I highly recommend not getting a GT 1030 nor a cpu from the early 2000s. If you can just try to find used hardware in your area instead of buying already very low quality parts.


What’s your budget?

If you’re paying for a 64-bit version of Windows you should just abandon that thought and go with Windows 10 which has almost nothing done to make people pay up the money for a license.

For the hard drive, I wouldn’t bother getting a new one because it’ll be slow as well. Not sure what prices are like for you but in the US I can order a 960 gigabyte SSD for $70. I’d say doing a full restart and login in under 60 seconds would be more important than a hard drive with more storage space and going off of the CPU you’re looking at, I don’t see you using up a ton of storage space anyway.

I can’t say anything about a GPU because I don’t know what kind of performance you want for other games and I’m not sure what would pair well with your CPU. I don’t see the GT 1030 pulling 50 FPS at all though on medium.

4 gigabytes of RAM is fairly poor for most things in my opinion. I recommend 8 at a minimum but I personally can’t go with less than 16 because of what I do.

Finally, the motherboard/CPU combo will probably be limiting your options for a lot of stuff. I’m not sure what kind of budget you have but what I’d do is this:

  • Find a reasonably priced AM4-socket motherboard
  • Buy one of AMD’s Ryzen APUs (Will have G in the name)
  • Get at least 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • Buy a SATA SSD for boot drive/storage
  • Install Windows 10 for free

Going with the most recent parts, the R3 3200G is 4 core, 4 threads like the Q9550 but it has a much higher frequency and decent integrated graphics. From what I’ve heard, the Ryzen CPUs with integrated graphics are fairly decent, much better than the Q9550/1030 you’re looking at. The SATA SSD I mentioned would give you a very noticeable speed boost for much less than something like an M.2 drive.

Whatever you do, research the parts available and their prices before you make any decision. Use something like PCpartpicker.com and see what a build similar to what I suggested would cost compared to your list of upgrades. You can only breathe life into an old rig for so long before you absolutely have to get something completely new.


8400 GS

Jesus fuck, that’s a 2007 model card.

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Worth noting that Windows 8.1 mainstream support ended in 2018, and extended support ends in 2023. It also doesn’t support DirectX 12, meaning that (several) years down the line you might run into compatibility issues with games that only support DX 12+ (whenever DX 11 becomes deprecated).

I’ve used Windows 8 and Windows 10, and aesthetically they’re quite similar. Is there a different reason why you prefer Windows 8? The workflow is generally better on Windows 10, and Windows 10 is generally-accepted as a better version of Windows 8 (which a lot of people hated).

I’d consider having 8 Gb of RAM total, if that’s affordable for you.

Until you decide to get a new HDD (or SSD), you should look up how to isolate bad sectors on your current HDD.


I’m not the best PC master race specialist but I think there are some way underpowered parts in your PC that you but with super powerful parts. example: your GPU is powerful but you got an intel core 2 as your CPU. maybe giving a bit more budget to the rest of your computer and down grading a bit your GPU will be best for you.you will end up with an average PC instead of a bad PC that is locked to bad performances because one of your PC parts is bad.

Neither of the GPUs he mentioned are powerful by any means. According to userbench, the GT 1030 is more than 2,000% better than the performance of the 8400 GS so that is definitely a massive upgrade there. My 960M is around 20% better than the GT 1030 and it worked well with a 4 core, 8 thread CPU. With all the heat issues my laptop had though, I could have cut out the hyperthreading and maybe even a core or two and would have seen no performance difference in most games. If you think the 1030 is great you don’t know too much but depending on the budget, I agree with not focusing money on a GPU.

@Paladin for what i’ve seen it is the best i can get for my Mobo,and if there was a bottleneck it would be minimal,and i’ve seen some videos of it,and is not really that bad,some AAA games get Very good FPS at high settings,and i Proba bly Use low settings for higher FPS

@AstronautPug Very low,like 170 $ not sure exactly how much because we use COP not USD

@CravenWarrior -No,i dont pay for An OS,i get them Pirate,Sad and its bad but i cant pay for anything like that.
-The hardrive,i need a new one,mine has broken secotrs that i cant repair,and is giving me BSODs all the time and the space is always filling automatically and i cant clean it,not even with a formatting…
-On what you say for Gpu,i’ve seen its performance in some games with the CPU i want and its not bad,like 40 or 50 fps on high settings,also depends on the game
-The ram,i cant add more,since 4 GB ddr2 ram is Very rare and expensive and i just have two slots
-For the mobo,thats why i choosed those parts,its the best i can get for it…
-im not even sure if i will be able to get those parts so i cant even think about buying another mobo,that would involve getting suitable pieces for it, and i would have to get more ram(if it is DDR3 or better) or a new CPU due to the socket and i cant afford those extras…
-I know that page,actually,i have it bookmarked it with the parts i say

@WARCORPtm Yes,it is,My brother bought it almost 1 or 2 years after it was released along with another pc with a Mobo that is like mine

@MoltonMontro -idk,i just like win 8.1,i tried win 10 but dont like it.I dont think i will be playing games with Directx 12+
-like i said,i only have two ram slots ddr2 and 4 gb ram ddr2 sticks are Very rare and expensive
-I need to change the HDD its been giving me problems that i cant solve,not even formatting can fix it.Also it takes a kinda long time to start the system
I’d like a ssd but budget wont let me

@raptorgamingFR1 getting that Quad core would help,yes,but if i can i’d better get another GPU that the CPU(the quad core) supports,mine is heating a lot(like 80 Grades) and sometimes it just stops its Fan or it just Shuts down and i have to restart my pc.
i have checked on internet and i dont see any issues between the parts i have

@CravenWarrior Yes,i know there is a Huge performance difference between the 1030 and the 8400,that’s one of the reasons i liked it,also i need to change the gpu because its having a lot of overheating problems,its fan shuts down or the card itselft shuts down,So if i was going to get another card i would not want to buy another card that is worse or the same when i might get a better one and get better performance,dont you think?

Note: Sorry Guys for late answer,i was doing other things and i really forgot this,again,Sorry

Isn’t windows free now?

its not about there being a bottleneck, its about using hardware from over 10 years ago. it’s just not a smart idea. honestly if you can just get a bit more money to build a much better pc, because the stuff you’re trying to “upgrade” to will not be very good

i think,wait,it is,i got the original Win 8.1 ISO from the official page

Thats the problem,i cant get a bit more money,because that bit money is a lot for some slightly better parts

For the money,im limited to those parts

I’m Trying to keep the Mobo,because if i change the mobo to a better one,i would need new Ram sticks,and if that mobo has another socket than LGA 775,i would need another CPU for that Socket.
that would be extra oney i dont have,I dont even have the money for This parts rn :confused:

You don’t even need to pirate Windows 10, it’s free. What do you not like about 8.1 though and SSDs really are much more affordable than they were in the past. Another hard drive won’t help with startup speeds too much.

Also can you give your budget in your currency. I may try to see what I can put together on my end.
Looking on Newegg, one of the AMD APUs is about the same price as a 1030 but that may just be some screwed up pricing from what I set everything to.

I don’t want to sound rude here but get a job, you’ll get the money you need and it’ll be WAYYYY better than building anything on a decade old platform

@CravenWarrior i know but i like Win 8.1,and its free too
For the HDD and SSD: one 500GB HDD costs me 55.000 COP and a 360 GB SSD costs me like 130.000 COP,thats something i could use for those other parts i want

@Paladin i know,i need a job,but i cant find one.Another thing about that is that i dont have Papers here,not even a passport …
the only one working is my brother,and he is paying the rent,The food, and basically everything,sometimes my father and i,do some jobs like fixing a toilet,or a water tank or fridges,many things but those jobs are Veeery rare,nobody calls for jobs
thats why i say i have a very low budget and im not even sure if i’ll be getting that money

The budget(i dont have rn) is about 520.000 COP, the dollar is around 3200 or 3500 COP each one

I’ll see what I can put together. With your current build, how much of your storage are you actually using though? You’ll appreciate the performance boost if you can get one.

the HDD i have rn is like 420 gbs,maybe 360 gbs(i cant remember exactly) and i use like 120 Gbs,I dont download Veery heavy games of 40 or 50 GBs and i might have like 10 GB of other things,documents,music,random things,etc
Most things i download/have are not very heavy.The heaviest game i have is L4D2 or CSGO
And some other space is Fulled with Idk what,it just fills
I use cleaning programs lika ASC or Ccleaner all the time

150$ as a budget is extremely limited, you better save that money for something else rather than spending the little you have on old material that won’t even run games properly.