A way to help reduce admin abuse

Admins should not be able to kill players when they are in vanish, or god mode. When an admin reports someone, that report should go to the creator of the server. There should also be black listed items and vehicles they can’t spawn. Like a drangonfang, nykorev, rocket launcher, the apc, guns, jet, and any other vehicleswi th a turret. C4 should be a limited amount you can spawn every 2 days. I’d suggest something like 3 or 5 each 2 days.

Vanish and god mode are part of a mod for Unturned, Rocket. It is not part of the vanilla game so it won’t be changed.


This. Most admin abuse is through Rocket, which is completely independent from Unturned.

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Oh. Okay. I thought god mode was in the vanilla game.

When someone plays Rocket servers for too long :thinking:


No. I just say videos of admin abuse. Not on p9nda.

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