A weird question on my mind

This might have been asked and answered before and I have the memory of a goldfish, but I seriously cannot remember…
Why is Nelson making Unturned II on his own? Why doesnt he get like a small team of 3~5 people to help him with his current project.

Not complaining about anything, just a genuine question I have on my mind.


He may have trouble paying his employs, or just likes the creative freedom of working by himself. Working by yourself means that you don’t have to boss people, and you work on your own time.


If I remember correctly it is becaouse he has the freedome to do whatever he wants and how he wants to do it whenever he wants to, this way he has full control of how he makes the game.


He still has control with a team under his hands tho

It’s likely a decision he’s stuck to out of personal preference for the reasons @Panda3d stated. Solo workflow is quite drastically different from that of a group.

That being said he does enjoy getting the community in on what he does too, which is the reason curated content exists in U3 (and why he interacts so openly with all of us in the community too).


Best part is when he compliments your map, or part of something you made.


If only I had more imagination than an unborn infant and more dedication than a sloth, then maybe I’d make my own map and call it something real cheesey like “The Island” and look for people downvoting my map JUST because of the name. Oh I love being a useless human being


Lmao just do what I do and join a map team and pretend to work on it

Wait that actually works? I thought this was only school/college shit

it works until they figure it out


I got into CGI and 3D modeling because of unturned. Shameless self advertising: https://www.artstation.com/puitin3d

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I honestly never understood why self advertisement is so looked down upon. I mean it depends on the situation, but in the end all you need is that little push to get people to know what you offer and the rest completes itself

EDIT: Just checked your page. Pretty neat stuff you got there. Liked the little tavern you made.


Because Unturned has been his project for years and he wants to keep it that way. He wants to develop the game his way and keep it from becoming a business rather than a hobby. Adding more people into the mix changes that dynamic and complicates the logistics of the game’s development.

He’s confirmed that he’s been approached by atleast one large company looking to buy Unturned’s IP, which he turned down.

It’s admirable really.


They’re probably shitty devs if they buy other people’s games, instead of making their own games.

I mean… what does Valve do?

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Pretty sure they help those people make their game, not steal it.


My opinion on working solo is that you don’t have to worry about other people making things inconsistent with your goals, everything is done in your style if you put work into it. And you also get to choose when you want others to be a part in making decisions. If you have a certain idea for it, you can get it done without a group of people constantly saying its bad just because they don’t want to try doing it themselves.

Also, for getting into modding, Brivdon pushed me towards it and it seemed interesting to be working with numbers to make stuff. I learned how to do stuff by watching tutorials, looking at people giving help, and eventually starting to give help on simple issues that I knew a likely solution to. At times it seemed relaxing and enjoyable to just mess around and make shapes in Blender.

it may have been EA, since they try to buy every game with potential they see, then attempt to make as much money off it as possible.


Wouldnt doubt it

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I’m waiting for one: If EA Owned unturned?! :laughing: