About devkit

Until now, the devkit has been known for corrupting maps, being laggy, etc.

currently, its not really that worth using it for certain stuff, such as terrain. you’d rather make a full legacy map, which is optimized and not devkit, or make a full devkit map that crashes before you even load it?

well, allow me to explain whats wrong with devkit atm:

  • Almost no tutorials.

Theres little to no guides explaining how to use it. would be nice to have an updated version explaining how to use it properly.

  • Bad terrain tool.

Theres 2 moments using it: either it works, or it doesnt work, and the only way to make it work again is by re-opening unturned. this is actually kind of annoying, and honestly, i lost motivation on devkit because of that.

  • Foliage tool

I heard it can place automatic boulders, but to be honest, theres no tutorial on how to make it happen. other than that, i think it might be fine.

  • It can corrupt maps.

I have seen people claiming their maps got corrupted after they converted their maps to devkit. i.e. potato’s map (link), it got corrupted after the map got converted to devkit.

i think thats all wrong with devkit. there might be more stuff wrong with it, but idk.

I agree with the fact that there should be more (in general) tutorials for custom content. Pretty-kinda-relatively sure it’s somewhere on a to-do list.

That being said, I’ve never had any issues with corrupted maps, and I find the terrain tool to be far better in the Devkit, and it has never given up on me (yet). I’m thinking that all issues (at least the more recent ones) are from user error. Equally unfortunate, of course, and could be from either the lack of tutorials or lack of any forethought that led to those user errors.

EDIT: Technically still avoidable altogether though with some intuitive UI changes. Although I don’t have difficulties with the Devkit, if many other people are having a harder time understanding everything then there’s probably something not being made clear enough somewhere.

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It’s still work in progress, so I expect most/all of these problems to be fixed in the future.