About Food Containers

If you’ve seen anonimoanbu’s post about food, his is about servings of individual food.

My post here is about certain foodstuffs having individual food items inside when salvaged.

This works similar to Rain’s WW2 C-Ration.

Example of container:

With some variation in container types, it should make the eating experience much better and logical when it comes to rationing.

Note: It doesn’t have to be just (the dreaded) Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), it can be candy tins or other foodstuff container items like that as well.

Thank you for reading this post!

If there’s other foodstuff containers we should know about, please post it in the comments.


For probably the bazillionth time, nested storage is implemented, therefore making this incredibly likely to see in Unturned II. Except it’s even better, because instead of having to “salvage” something, the items are literally inside the MRE packet and can be taken out or put back.


It’s very likely this will happen, as Great Hero pointed out.
Figured I’d give that video a watch and now I want to try one of those for myself lmao

Then, coming to an old house, finding can of candies… opening it and BAM! You just found some ole’ granny’s sewing kit (rip, when I was a kid, very often when I opened candy can/tin/box in my granny’s house… Inside there would be sewing kit ;-; )

I’ve actually eaten a real military-grade MRE on two occasions and it was surprisingly really good, and plus they come with a whole bunch of snacks like gum, cookies and crackers.

Anyway, yeah, nested storage, implemented.

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Or in a package would come portions of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some sweets and juice, very interesting

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uehh… like one packet with a lunch, dinner, and breakfast combined?

Did not you read the post? In a package comes 3 different individual meals.

Not necessarily related, but I’ve had an MRE before and it was surprisingly alright. Except for the weird beef noodles I ate, those were fucking horrid

What ration? The Australian Combat Ration 1 Man? (CR1M)

Not exactly sure, probably a US Navy MRE (if those exist) since that’s my dad’s line of work. If not, probably just a generic US military MRE.

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