About Glasses (windows)

how nelson stay working in UE4 i believe that this are a thing very easy to do, and to peoples with a computer more “potato” a simple config of effects solve.

my idea is glasses are breakable and when hes breaks atract zombies in adjacent positions.
I wait zombies more powerfull in 4.0 to lock peoples in houses, because this the Zombies don´t go break windows (Exeption for a “boss”)

Things in the effect

  • differently song to shoot / explosives / maybe a vehicle break the glass
  • effect of the fragments on the glass falling and “kicking” the floor

is just this


tl;dr: when windows are broken, they should make a loud sound that attracts zombies, and there should be better visuals like shards scattering


Why not? (10 chairs)

not only that, it makes looting harder and you’re forced to enter the doorway which is pretty much where most zombies are roaming. Either risk attracting attention smashing a window to get in places faster or try to sneak past them in a risky path

Buildings should have most if not all windows covered by glass.

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But who don’t let you OPEN the window?

Jokes on you, that technology hasn’t been invented yet in Unturned


In 3.0, but what if its invented in 4.0?

its a conceptual idea of zombies extremaly stronger, to run of this zombies in cityes houses are places more safe in cityes because this hes dont go break the glass

I feel like most windows have locking mechanisms of some sort irl.

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I think breaking windows causing some zombie attracting noise would be fine, but it shouldn’t be much more than what a regular melee attack does.

But you can unlock windows from inside and then you can open windows freely

Thank you.

We can throw small rocks at the windows to attract those green fuckers so we can have more space

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Speaking of which, lets get more throwable items (forum link) in this game

Apocalypse survival right there.

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