About Hair Beard Options!

  • Hey guys girls this is the best way to get batter hair colors in maybe Unturned 4.X?! :slight_smile:

  • suggest that we must add what I am going to say
    so, what i’m going to say may seem strange but it’ll be cool if he adds that “Nelson”
    If it is necessary to separate the colors from the hair of the beard so that there will be more option for the player it will have more to enjoy modifying. and add Highlights for some hairstyle colors like dreadlocks! must be cool if he can add that for the Unturned 4.X
    there is some pictures!
    And thanks! :ok_hand:t4:

  • Separted Hair color

  • Highlights colors !

  • all pictures in same one

I’m not entirely convinced just yet.


must be cool if you have Separted hair colors?

It would be a nice addition, but not all that necessary. I mean who is gonna ever notice the highlights unless you’re standing in the person’s face.

I would see this more in 3.x, but definitely not 4.x
4.x feels like its going to be more refined and serious


Yes, it would be nice to look like lil pump

i sense this post is a failed attempt of impersonating lil pump in-game

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Gucci gang!
(Kill me now)


Gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

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I will finally be able to look like a teen rapist :open_mouth:

@Sirba ahh you discovered my secret :smiley:

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