About stealth and zombies stuff

Can we have like a cool feature to hide inside bushes,dumpster,and other containers to hide from zombies.And have like a cool stealth melee attack to easily take down a zombie without alarming other nearby zombies.


i don’t think we need to interact with an object to hide inside it, rather have nelson implement the ability to interact with level editor props in game, walk in said props and close the lid on those props to hide.

also 3.0 already has the latter half of the suggestion most likely will be added in 4.0


This has already been suggested and talked about a fiew times, but yes it would be nice if there is a good way of implementing it

Has also been talked about, it’s a pretty popular idea so I think there is a good chanse that something like that will come to the game


God damn, dude!! I suggested this before!
Next time do some research and don’t post something that’s already there, but participate in what there already is.

OMG! This was suggested before either of you! Next time use the search bar and don’t create a thread, but petition Yarrrr or MoltonMontro to reopen an old one.

Jesus christ! Why would either of them ever do that just to satisfy one of thousands of forum users?

Because it’s their job?

I mean, why would they do that to just satisfy one user?

Why would a cashier check out your items just to satisfy one customer?
Why would a police officer go to an invaded house just to save one life?

Exaggerated examples but your logic is flawed either way. What do you think they’re here for?

If they are like this, then it looks like I just got used to the admins and moderators that almost never do anything about such things…
It’s nice to know that there are such people out there.

There aren’t as many people who are active on here as you would think.

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From what I’ve seen only biggest fans and quite clever people are here…

Or people like me, who are lazy bums

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