Achievements concept

I don’t want to describe it, just read.

Welcome to %Map_Name% ! - Play on a %Map_Name%
First blood - Kill a zombie
Start with small - Find your first gun
Max Payne (Hidden) - Kill a player when Diving (like in last Devlog)
Tis wasn’t in the script! (Hidden) - make a suicide
Behind the wheel - enter in the car
Pharmacist - Find or make your first medicine
Hunter - kill 100 animals
Firestarter - find or make a grenade/molotov
They were all dead… (Hidden) - kill every player on the server
Choo - choo! (Hidden) - enter in the train
Pilot - Enter in the plane
Admiral - enter in the boat
Triathlon - Drive every type of vehicle
Maraphon - drive 100km on bicycle
I didn’t mean to… - Kill a player
Fisher - catch a fish
Taster - Try every type of food
You are what you eat! (Hidden) - eat moldy food

You can write some achievements in comments

P.s: I’m not know english very well, so…

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Most of these are ridiculously easy, aside from the marathon, triathlon and taster ones.

I think we really need more creative achievements

I made a reply to another post regarding acgievements

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