Action Roll in 4.0

In this trello, Nelson mentions a dive mechanic, which immediately gave me an idea. You can Dive into the water like normal, but on the ground, you get an action roll.

It doesn’t seem like a stupid thing to add considering in 3.0 you already jump around bullets like a ballerina during combat.


This is from the old Wishlist Trello so it may be a little old. BUT not completely out the window. I use this page for reference a lot but take it with a grain of salt. But at some time it was on his mind, or considered.

With that being said I think some pros and cons can come from this. I could see this being added as a lot of 3rd person shooter style games have a dive/roll affect to the side. I like the movement right now in the beta and appreciate it steering away from 3.0’s spastic style. One thing I didn’t like from 3.0 was the ability to jump and hop/sprint out of a gun fight. I think balanced correctly with the speed, momentum, and sustainability (how many times can I repeat this action) this could work well.

A problem we could see is players flopping around when shot at and escaping danger or using mid fight as this feature could really affect gun-play. I think if there was a timer between when we could utilize again or may have a large stamina drain it could work. As well as how fast you can pull your gun up after. This feature alone if exploitable could affect Pvp negatively.

But I think it has a lot of potential to add to Pve, because we can’t always balance everything around Pvp. I think this post came at a good time after Nelson added drones.

“I am curious to experiment with enemy variety for Unturned II. I think that different locations having different enemy types with different strategies (e.g. the motion sensors) will help spice things up.” - Blog Post #39.

With that being said I could see some AI having predicable attacks like bosses or just normal mobs. That could go from big zombies swipes/crushes/throws or some weird drone area attack. I think the thing I am most excited for is the survival features and the AI fights in U2. As it seems Nelson has hinted at the idea of more engaging AI enemy, similar to something a player would experience in a AI only game (I hope). Coupled with the Pvp we see in Unturned already this will make a really cool and diverse game.

I think this would be a good addition to the game especially if it is used against AI special attacks, that would make this game fun to play just in single player. High skill mobs or mechanics to learn from AI would work well with the feature you suggested. But Pvp should be considered in its development, as I stated above.

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Pressing crouch while sprinting to roll, prone while sprinting to slide, and prone while sprinting midair (sprint->jump->z in a matter of like one second) would be awesome and really fun to see and use. (all of which should actually raise/lower player hitbox allowing you to roll/slide under obstacles, dive through windows, etc.)

Could rolling or diving have a large cooldown (3-5 seconds) and potentially make you unhittable with ranged weapons for a split second?

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Obviously a cool down or better yet a heavy stamina drainage should be in place, 3-4 consecutive uses. I say, kinda like Dark Souls, with a recover animation that disables attacking, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be too much like Dark Souls, Unturned should move at a faster pace than Dark Souls, so make it brief and responsive. If I could get my hand on the Denizen rig I’d probably glue up some rudimentary animation of my idea on how it would look and work.

And the unhittable part is a huge no-no.

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The roll where you roll to the side while prone like in mgs v or ghost recon would be cool.
Maybe useless, but cool.

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