Add a custom "signature" for people to add to all of their comments

A popular feature among other forums is the ability for your comments to have a little “signature” under them, either containing an image or text. The text could be a witty quote, remark, whatever. The image could be whatever you want.

For instance, the signature I have on a hardware forum looks like this


On another forum, instead of having -Rain I chose this



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Like those HTML signatures you find on older forums? I wouldn’t be against it.

Although I do feel like it’s one of those things that maybe the OP of the thread could choose to disable.


This is a great idea however one thing that would likely delay this is that it would need to be optimized for all 5 different themes for the site. Other than that i don’t really know why it hasn’t been added

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There’s a plugin for it.

Some features:

  • Pretty much displayed like an ordinary post
  • ‘Hide signature’ option in preferences for those who don’t want to gauge their eyes seeing the same thing.
  • Configurable height to prevent large images from bloating threads.

Add forum signatures?

  • Add
  • Do not add

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Like I said, you can hide signatures.


I’d only support signatures assuming they are appropriately regulated, e.g. a complete ban on advertising, inappropriate content, etc.

Also, being able to block the signatures of particular people in case any repeat offenders spring up.


If it was up to me I’d ban images from being added as signatures. It bloats threads and is a bit distracting sometimes. Back on the TF2 servers I ran for a while, many users put stat counters as their signatures and it got to the point we restricted it to text only.


I lowkey want to use signatures, atleast at the end of my posts (not comments) in order to advertise my other cool, well-made posts for people to check out like you have (I think you have)

I was of course, referring to the kind of advertising that is already against ToS or just outright annoying.

E.g. links to unrelated websites, soliciting of paid services, media promotion, etc


Well, on the forum where I use this one

It does get cut off quite a bit, and you must click on it to view the only thing. I think images would be OK so long as they get cut off.

Hmm. To be fair that raises another secondary problem with images, the first being bloat which would be okay if there is a prompt to view it, maybe if you mouse over it or click on it, but I’m not sure how hard that would be to do. I guess you could just make your signature one of the drop down text boxes, but the second problem would be being subjected to atrociously ugly images such as the one you gave as example, and I am scared to see what other things people manage to scrounge up. But seeing as there is an option to hide signatures, that would be a good enough solution, it would just kinda be a shame that its a complete removal vs some

The mods already moderate images in normal threads. So why not moderate signature images? They could just wipe your signature, and give you a warning if its inappropriate.

cool solution, but yeah, a shame :frowning:

To be completely fair though, all you need to do to make your own signature is just do something like this.

- RedComm

I don’t really see a point on having this. One image as a signature per message kinda pollutes threads. (And yeah i know, there will be people using images as signatures lol.) I’d have nothing against it if you couldn’t add images as signatures. Plus, i kinda like the current design of the forum, like i don’t want to see any text -signatures included- completely unrelated to the topic i am reading, so if there was a “disable signatures” option, then yeah why not? Apparently some people will like it.

Anyone that uses signatures outside of application forms are an instant nerd to me.

I really really really do not want to see that thing everytime I decide to look in the comments


even though i love the signatures on the Kerbal Space Program forum i don’t think we should add them because they generally just become filler that no one reads. but if you add them, at least keep them small


It wasn’t a thing in discourse because it’s a dated feature and we already have user profile cards. This forum is pretty slick and compact.

The bad thing of bloating threads outweighs the purpose of just ego boosting


how did you add that fancy line? TELL ME GOD NABBIT