Add a simple menu for admins

Hello nelsone , they are some players don’t now about commands so i did this in unity
but can you make it for your game ?
it"s a simple UI for Admin commands
Press SHIFT+A to open admin menu :slight_smile:


I don’t think admins should be able to fly and change their speeds in normal vanilla gameplay


Yeah yo right the menu it’s so simple :slight_smile: i don’t know what do you think ?

As an alternative solution to new admins not knowing commands, you should be able to do /help and a GUI pops up listing all available commands, their uses, and how to use them.

I’ve never used @help in-game, but in the console it tells you all of that information already.

Bit of a nice quality-of-life change to make it do the same in-game also, but I’d be worried having people with no experience in using commands at all (with no prior tips from a senior server staff member) on server’s team to begin with. I’m a bit concerned for server hierarchies now.


Maybe /ahelp since many rocket servers already have the /help command.