Add Fat Zombies and Fat mode (Single player mode idea)

I think that it would be an interesting and fun thing to add in 4.0.

Zombies can be fat, compare to regular zombies, they have 1 and a half more health than regular zombies. When you kill them, There guts will explode without you bleeding or burning when your close to it. They are also slower. There is also fat versions of special type of zombies but the special abilities will be more or less strong due to obesity.

In singleplayer mode, you can have a choice to play “Fat Mode”. You can’t fit in any clothes except for shorts, Hoodies, Tee Shirts, Shirts and no boots. Your character is also 18% more slow than normal. When you move closely to boots or any specific types of clothing, it will say this with a red outline “Wear them until all of your Skills and flexibility is on half or up”. Your character will also loose weight if you move it more and if you let your character do more physical and beneficial activities such as killing zombies with melee weapons, weight lifting, cardio, dieting, eating more garden-grown food and building. The reason why it should not be a multiplayer mode because you will get killed by other players due to a lack of speed and minimum stamina. It let’s the player take their time.

I know this is crazy, but this will be fun in singleplayer or if not multiplayer.


Not a big fan, but whatever.

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Fat Mode

April Fool’s was 2 months ago.

I don’t really see the point in adding an entire fat mechanic specifically for singleplayer. It’s redundant and unnecessary, and there’s better things Nelson could put into the game.

Plus, in a real survival situation, you’d burn calories crazy fast.



I just wrote this for fun. I kind of agree with that.

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I just liked it because how goofy it is XD


I told you it makes it fun and funny. But we should still respect the people that are fat.

We definatly nees this :smiley:

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Darwin disagrees.
Natural selection decrees that only the strongest members of a species will survive, therefore in a situation like the apocalypse the old, the sick, and the overweight will die off very quickly.

After playing Hotline Miami 1 and 2 I have a strong hatred for virtual fat people, I like this idea.

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I can’t lose my weight for 5 years.

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its serious? dont is a joke?!
this is bullyng with fat peoples dont is?

Sorry but I tried to make this realistic as possible.

Shouldn’t this be in #memes?

No (ten characters)

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