Add new functionality

Is it possible to add an effect that when a zombie approaches for example makes you a slenderman-like interference for horror maps?

firstly why is it bold

secondly add a ‘you’ after approaches, and also a comma after you

Thirdly what the fuck are you asking for?

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He’s asking for some out of season Halloween effects.


Title is very misleading for just a zombie slenderman effect.

Most detrimental thing to your post is that players will combat zombies half the time in melee, not being able to see makes this a bad addition since the slenderman effect is dependent on how close the enemy is.

I would not like to see your suggestion in the game, however dont let that stop you from posting. I know you can do better bud, welcome to the community.

It is not possible to replicate this fantasy mechanic in Unturned.

As an idea I don’t really like it. There’s no reason to add that sort of thing even if it’s just a mod feature.


Unturned is a modding playground nowadays, I think it’s not really a bad idea, but there may already be ways of doing it.

@Samu3l If you tried making a custom animal, you can replace its sound effects or give it an ambient sound effect that plays when you get near it.

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