Add Trailers!

I think trailers should be added because if you are playing alone and find a car but dont want to leave your old one you could drive it onto the trailer and drive home. And maybe add box trailers and flat beds so you could transport cargo and vehicles! You could also add ball hitches and then maybe a fifth wheel trailer for trucks. The ball hitches would be place able items so you could pick a car to haul a trailer or have several trailers in a convoy. This also could introduce campers and farming on a large scale. Just an idea ive been thinking about!

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How would nelson code it, why is there a need for this.
I mean, I agree with the suggestion, just you need to argue for the addition.

If there was some sort of physical limit to how many pine crates you can stack on a family sedan, then you could instead resort to using a trailer to increase your storage space. Or increase the amount of passengers you can have, create a makeshift mobile home, drag around other vehicles (that may be broken, or used for scrap). Or you could maybe even make a mobile death fortress with armor and mounted guns.

Disadvantages could be worse handling, because you are using a trailer. It’s an extension to your vehicle, so it might make it more visible to bandits or thieves. And depending on what you put on it, it may reduce your total speed.

I mean towing trucks is already a thing which used the skycrane magnet thingy, i dont see how this could be THAT hard, however RVs would be much cooler, being able to move around inside and all that is.

The Skycrane’s magnet is a bad example though, it’s so buggy. :frowning: I don’t want to send my trailer and my truck to space permanently, I prefer it on the ground (usually)!

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You have awesome feedback!! I love the death fortress idea!

Already added

False. They were not already added by October 2nd. They were added on October 27th. Context is important.

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I would like to see better vehicle physics before this, It’s already a pain to drive with a car, now imagine it with a trailer.

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Wrong he has not added it. I would have known by know

Under the assumption that the person I was replying to was saying that the code for trailer entities was indeed added (in the form of for trains) already, and not a question of how it’d be coded as brought up by the person they were replying to, that update was actually after the post by the person they were replying to. Trailers actually for standard vehicles has not been added.

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What do you mean?

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