Advanced Map Editor

So basically a list of features i think a new map editor should have.

New Objects

I think for 4.0 we should have more objects, and not just the ones used in the official maps or curated ones. also we should have Walls and other building parts, but not like the ones the player builds, like the ones used in a shop for example, but instead of adding the same walls of different materials, we should be able to change the material from the configuration tab on the editor.


So we should have a configuration menu for example at the left of the screen,where we could change things about the objects or tools, for example able to change the OBJECT COLOR VARIANT so instead of having random colors, we could choose them.

I have to go for now lol but i will come back.

EDIT: Actually no i will not come back lol.

Bro just save the draft if the post isnt finished. You dont have to post an unfinished draft.

ok next time ill do it.

anyways what do you think of all that is already here?

Unturned II editor will be based on Unreal engine 4 so the sky is the limit.

Why not just make and use a custom object.

Unreal engine 4 has something called primitives so it is basically implemented.

Same as the previous one. Unreal engine 4 supports that, but you might have to make these new materials.

SOme people (like me) have so much trouble making custom objects its not worth it.

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Well that is a roadblock that doesn’t really need a solution, Just work on getting better at making custom objects. If you really do have a lot of issues with it just practice and maybe get a friend to help you out.

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The one time I asked a friend… Yeah it didn’t work out. Plus all the friends that I had that are good at that kind of stuff have unfriended me over time.

One last thing, blender seems to hate me, and unity won’t bundle them into good files.

If I could get those to work the way I needed them too, I could probably create some interesting stuff.

Unturned II will have a better workflow for custom objects.

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all Im saying is, the issue of not being able to make custom objects affects so little people that we dont need a solution.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

You remind me of those people who release workshop maps and slap a big fat “BETA!” in the title to avoid criticism


who uses “BETA” to avoid criticism?

that would mean, for example that if i say that Fallout 76 is trash, then it will not matter because it is BETA? (well i think its already released but idk)

i put that so people can tell me what they think about the things in the post.

When you say beta… i’m pretty sure you mean…

Break. early. Test. Application.

Aka the self proclaimed “Hardest and Longest Project” Bethesda has worked on…

This is super irrelevant, but:

Fallout 76 is just a mediocre Rust but in the Fallout universe
change my mind you can’t

you cant, because if it was possible to give reasons on why the game would be great it will still be shit either way.

I think that Unreal Engine is what we will have to use to make maps in Unturned 4.

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You’d use the Unturned II Dev Kit, which is, like for any other UE game’s Dev Kit, a modified version of the UE 4 Editor.

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Yes I definitely agree the map editor could use some reworking. I really do not like the way it is currently set up. You can have a nice map in 3.0 but you can only get so far without diving into the confusing devkit. When I first started map making I was a bit turned away by the devkit but I think if we just had it all in one place with some more simple mechanics (they’re already pretty simple but like the viewport stuff and all that is really redundant if you just combine it all) it would make map making a lot easier, quicker, and potentially more detailed.

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