Advanced Temperatures in 4.0

Before you jump the gun on me saying: “It’s in the Roadmap!”, i know it’s there, I just have a couple suggestions on how it might work.

Maybe instead of deliberately saying what temperature it is, or giving the player effects like “Cold”, or “Hot”, we could give the player clues to what temperature it is.

When it’s cold the character might shake a little, not too aggressive just a slight shake, and the colder it gets, the more he shakes. And when it’s hot, maybe we could see some kind of wave in the distance, and the hotter it is, the closer it gets.

This will let the player see what the temperature is, instead of telling him and making him feel like dumb person (exaggerating of course). This will allow us to figure out what the temperature might be on our own.

Of course, I’d love to hear what you think, and yea keeps this post nice… No need to fight.


That actually does sound pretty good. Subtle clues would be a good way to go, except for when it’s winter, then you know for a fact it’s going to be freezing.

Having water and food decrease more or less determined by the temperature could be good as well, like running in the heat is going to consume a lot of hydration.


I also think its pretty interesting, but the reason games just tell us how it is, is because if you dont catch up on the clues and freeze to death it would be confusing since realistically it would be way to obvious to not realise you are freezing to death.

Maybe for heat it should be sweating and dehydration

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Instead of causing visual disturbances at an early stage of low/high temperature, I’d suggest having the character make a sound.
ie. The sound of someone shivering (Brrrrr) or the sound of someone trying to breathe in a very hot and humid environment.

I always suggested sound being a part of survival because sound in 3.0 is nothing but footsteps or engines. In U II, it would be cool to include sounds to help people indicate what is going on rather than relying on the UI (which I think should be as minimal as possible) or rather than having visual effects interfere with your vision which could be annoying in the long run.

But your idea is really good. Having something happen to your character instead of seeing a live feed of the actual temperature on the screen

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I’d really rather not spend hundreds of hours listening to the same unsubtle five second shivering audio clip just because I’m three degrees below the optimal temperature. If there are audio clues they should be for the extremes and subtle visual cues should be at the early stages of freezing/overheating.


I must agree with you, and the dehydration/sweating part too, although i’d rather minimize the UI as previously said.

And to not confuse the player maybe make him pay attention to it, in the tutorial or something like that. And if the player still doesn’t notice, at a critical stage, there should be sound.

Sounds like a good idea!

By adding these cues we can make the UI just a little bit smaller and as a result make the game feel more realistic.

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There’s people who retell ideas that have already been explored.

And then there’s people like you who actually expand on said ideas.

This is an incredibly simple addition yet it’s exactly what we need for immersion. Nice job.

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And people like you make me wan’t to stay here!

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It doesn’t have to be the same volume. The volume can be almost inaudible and/or less frequent if at early stages of temperature imbalance. It can be worked around in many ways. Doesn’t have to be the same dull sound and volume every 5 seconds. Could be 25 seconds with lower volume, could be 10 seconds but almost inaudible and such

Just as you can make audio effects more subtle and less annoying, you could make visual effects more subtle and less annoying, but subtle visual effects don’t require large or numerous audio files, and can be noticed with background music, and don’t require headphones/blaring volume to notice.

I’m always down for features players have to figure out is there in the first place instead of just giving some HUD notification to them… I am completely down for this and all the suggestions in this thread.

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It is simpler when it comes to coding though.
Rather than having a full code on which way the screen shivers and at what speed is far more complex than playing an audio file with a timer and adjusted volume

But the reason this place exists tho is to give suggestions, not look at coding and how hard it will be. It kind of ruins the point ya know? Sound probably would be better at the later, and more “critical” stages of temperatures.

I vote to make it kind of like don’t starve. While idling your character makes small little animations to depict how he feels. Naturally the player in first person won’t see this but other players will be able to see what’s happening. I also wouldn’t mind a “freezing” texture coming across the screen when your taking cold damage like in don’t starve

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yea, a freezing texture would be really cool. no pun intended

Screen shake is annoying and obnoxious. I suppose I can see how you would get that from

The interpretation I had seen first, and a far better way to implement it, would be to have the player model, not the viewbox shake.

First person animations exist.

and why would you want to keep people from telling the temperature while in first person?

No I don’t know that. This forum doesn’t just exist as a place to dump suggestions, but also to evaluate the pros and cons of these suggestions, and to (hopefully) reach a concensus on how best to implement the suggestions, if they’re worth implementing at all. If you still think that something doesn’t belong on this thread, go ahead and flag it as such, we’ll see what the moderators decide.

I definitely think this is a good idea, but if this was to happen I think adding a thermometer to the game that could be found wouldn’t be a bad idea, so you could more easily track the rise and fall of temperature as the seasons change. Maybe a lootable calender, too, so you can know how many days it is until the next season?

i agree with this

Not so much as this. I wasn’t trying to say that the forum should be a suggestion dump, but that coding shouldn’t be a limitation for suggestions which are really creative and i mean that in a general sense.