Advanced water gathering

Essentially, a bunch of different ways to collect water faster and easier.


  • place water barrels under areas where runoff during rain is frequent.

  • use existing buildings to create water gathering systems. (dams, water wheels, eat. )

  • create wells which you can use to gather water from the ground, then set up a system to gather it for you.


  • use heat to evaporate water which then sticks to a surrounding surface, still down into containers. Can set up a system to gather water from dirty sources and this will purify it.

  • find water filters, can be used for several times before they have to be cleaned/thrown away. Large filters used for industrial sort of use, purify loads of water at once, but only last around 20 uses. Small are for individual bottles. Last around 10 uses.

  • boiling. Kills off germs and makes contaminants fall to the bottom. Sometimes requires multiple times of boiling.


  • large industrial containers that can hold tons of water. These types can be hooked up to an automatic system.

  • medium containers. Used for long term storage but not industrial.

  • small containers. Can be carried around.



Sounds good. Keep in mind that nothing in Unturned 4.0 should be overly complicated or pointless. Some of this stuff sounds like fluff and potentially too complicated. Mechanics in 4.0 should remain relatively simple, robust and useful.

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Pretty sure this was already suggested.

Proof and I will believe.

Nelson said he was getting inspiration form factorio which has advanced machines and such.

As Panda4d said, this was somewhat suggested, although finding one thread with this specific detail would be hard, since there’s a several threads that has, at least, suggested one of the thing you’ve said, and almost everything you’ve said is already suggested bits-by-bits by these smaller “unpopular” threads.

A simple “water” into the search bar should do the trick.

Besides that taboo, I don’t really like the idea to use building as a source of water. Kinda weird. Especially the dam, don’t they have like 1 side that’s always have water in it?

Although, the storing method seems nice, but considered that bottled water still existed. I’d not like to use such features. Not entirely bad though.

Pretty sure hes talking about this

You collect water that flows through, at the same time it powers stuff xd

Drinking from the tail race of a water wheel is no better than drinking from the river it is fed by. The only things that get filtered out are the the things that are big enough that they could clog the water wheel, and those won’t be fitting in your canteen anyway.

I’ve seen the “boil water” suggestion around here a few times but I fail to see the point of massive industrial grade containers to hold water. Other than that, pretty good.

Automated gardening maybe?
it would have to be a pretty big garden though

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That’s collecting, nowhere did I ever say it was filtering

Why can’t I collect from a river though?

You can, but this was stating less obvious stuff. Mostly this post is about automated water gathering.

Automated gathering…

From a runoff ditch…

but not a river.



@Sirba, are any of these to your liking (don’t bother answering because I’m actually muting this thread)


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that is a double sin, I will pray for you brother

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I think it’s good xD whatever,

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