Aerial Overhaul (Probably talked about already...)

Now, most likely this has all already been talked about and I have haven’t seen it or forgotten it so I apologize in advance if this has been your idea as well, but please reply and add on! :slight_smile:

So, while I was absolutely ecstatic for the implementation of planes and helicopters, I found that the physics and overall control of air crafts is… lack luster. I’m fine with helicopters, I feel they were handled well enough, but airplanes I found were a little too physics ignoring. Now I know I know that realism for the sake of realism isn’t fun, but I think a more challenging and realistic way to fly planes would add more to the game than it would take away and it would definitely add more of a risk to flying than just doing a complete 360 in the middle of the air. I believe that the fighter jet is a true example of how the airplane controls weren’t the best. You have this super fast jet that can just do unreasonable things and it almost takes away from flying them in my opinion.

Earlier today I read a post from TheForgedWarrior who suggested a different system for plane destruction and collision which I agree with. Having the plane’s wing come off when you hit a tree would definitely be a cool sight!

Anywho, take all of this with a grain of salt because I don’t know the science behind creating a game and I know Nelson has been working tirelessly to create Unturned II. Have a lovely day!

Ground vehicles will indeed have better physics,as we have seen from the vehicle demo.So,I don’t see why aerial vehicles wouldn’t.:wink:

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