Airdrop Beacons

Yes, I did take this from Rust.
Anyways, what I’m suggesting here is a different system for airdrops. It’s a beacon, similar to the Horde Beacon, but in this case it summons an airdrop.


No thanks, the current airdrop system is good enough


Maybye when a airdrop comes and you place this beacon the airdrop would land at the nearest landing location to you

I don’t think these cargo planes can just turn around, because they are flying straight every time.

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What would happen if multiple beacons were placed in that case

Well i agree with you this wouldnt work very well would it?

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While it works fine in Rust, I think there’s a ton of ways this can be exploited in Unturned.

It’s also not really necessary considering airdrops in Unturned occur often enough.

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The thing is, you could just wait for everybody to go offline, then craft + place 5 of the things and wait for loot.

The thing with horde beacons is that you have to work for them. With these, you don’t.

I guess you could make zombies come to it, but that’d be hard to do with pathfinding as it currently is.

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Not saying I’m in favor of the airdrop beacon idea, but having worldwide pathfinding for Unturned 4.x is a noted wish/goal of Nelson’s.


Note the “as it currently is”. But yeah, i hope it can be implemented.


Honestly, it can be exploited easily as Horde Beacons are, except worse.
Because in horde beacons, you have to fight off waves of strong xombies
However, the air drop beacon requires much less effort as you only wait for items to come your way. Sometimes, mechanics work fine on games, but are horrible on others. Even if they’re both of the same genre

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