Airdrop error

When i was playing on my server i noticed in my server logs there was an error every time an airdrop from a plugin landed it gave this error

“NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object - Rocket.Core.Permissions.RocketPermissionsHelper.HasPermission (Rocket.API.IRocketPlayer player, System.Collections.Generic.List1[T] requestedPermissions) (at <42b9432d1ede4060ab7b64e73c43b05c>:0) Rocket.Core.Permissions.RocketPermissionsManager.HasPermission (Rocket.API.IRocketPlayer player, System.Collections.Generic.List1[T] permissions) (at <42b9432d1ede4060ab7b64e73c43b05c>:0)
Rocket.API.IRocketPermissionsProviderExtensions.HasPermission (Rocket.API.IRocketPermissionsProvider rocketPermissionProvider, Rocket.API.IRocketPlayer player, System.String permission) (at <6ef051597a0a4845bb96ef3585942acd>:0)
Rocket.API.IRocketPlayerExtension.HasPermission (Rocket.API.IRocketPlayer player, System.String permission) (at <42b9432d1ede4060ab7b64e73c43b05c>:0)
Game4Freak.AdvancedZones.AdvancedZones.onBarricadeDeploy (SDG.Unturned.Barricade barricade, SDG.Unturned.ItemBarricadeAsset asset, UnityEngine.Transform hit, UnityEngine.Vector3& point, System.Single& angle_x, System.Single& angle_y, System.Single& angle_z, System.UInt64& owner, System.UInt64& group, System.Boolean& shouldAllow) (at <8ef903409825485d8b58ef412c5c2d3e>:0)
SDG.Unturned.BarricadeManager.dropBarricade (SDG.Unturned.Barricade barricade, UnityEngine.Transform hit, UnityEngine.Vector3 point, System.Single angle_x, System.Single angle_y, System.Single angle_z, System.UInt64 owner, System.UInt64 group) (at <1c60162165a4477d9588d3bbeccaf506>:0)
SDG.Unturned.Carepackage.OnCollisionEnter (UnityEngine.Collision collision) (at <1c60162165a4477d9588d3bbeccaf506>:0)”

the plugins i have are

“AdminChat, AdvancedZones, AirdropManager, CustomSpawnpoints, DeathManager, JoinLeaveMessages, Kits, MessageAnnouncer, PrivateMessages, RocketMod_TPA, SmartSpawner, ZaupHomeCommand”

does anyone know how to fix this

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It kinda sounds like you haven’t set up the airdrop manager, otherwise everything else shouldn’t affect the airdrops. Also, what is your issue besides getting an error in logs? If the airdrop lands as intended with the items you want in it, i dont think it really matters if text shows up in the console.

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It disappears when it hits the ground

Ok. Try it without the airdrop manager, and if the airdrop works, reinstall the manager and try the airdrop again. If it doesnt help, try starting a vanilla singleplayer game and see if the same thing happens to the airdrop.

I know you can spawn in airdrops with @airdrop (i think?) to speed up the process. (I assume that you know this, but just making sure).

I am extremely disappointed that this post wasn’t titled ErrDrop, but I will forgive you because as they say to air is human.

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