• Keep airdrops in Unturned II
  • Remove airdrops from Unturned II
  • Keep them in Unturned II, but let’s change how they work.

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And there’s already a suggestion on how to change them

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I think it’s widely agreed upon at this point that airdrops should contain humanitarian supplies instead of weapon caches, if airdrops were to return in Unturned II.


Must be added but containing food ,? medium survival gear backpacks and some basic weapons like military pistols, it does not make sense just to see guns in airdrops in a Zombie Apocalypse weapons help fight zombies but you will not only end up killing zombies you need food remedies and other equipment.

I thought we wanted airdrops to be actual airplanes smashing into player built bases /s

I think this is mostly for the general opinion as there have been a handful of pollless (?) threads.

Copy and pasted:
I think airdrop loot should be determined by where they drop, with military stuff only dropping in really big cities, or far north/near high loot areas like military camps, and then smaller survival drops happening fairly frequently. If radios were also in the game as items it would be neat for some way to announce the drops to make them riskier.

I think military-grade stuff should instead be inside of transport helicopters that can be shot down, just like in Rust.

Surely they should be changed to make them as actual survival supplies instead of what the above said, a weapon cache. That thing fuelled the PvP theme of the game, it shouldn’t be done again in the new game

pilot: heY bOis want SUPPLIES?

survivors: yes plz

pilot: LOL NO keep killing eachother *hands out worn-out guns*


How about the airdrops contain items or schematics useful for the construction of specialized machines for crafting, automation, or the construction of higher quality gear with only what you have at your base and a few parts?

And if nolsen wants to go with humanitarian aid drops, why not drop them in separate crates instead of all in one crate?
You might assume that the person who is dropping these wouldn’t want the survivors to fight over what undetermined amount of rations and gear he dropped.
And the supplies should probably be dropped in a relatively great dispersion too, as not to let the survivors collect too much for themselves.

Imo there should be different types of airdrops (Humanitarian,Military etc.)

But a good idea would be them to stop being random and require something to be done before they get sent to the player,such as sending a distress message on a radio station.This will prevent them to stop just being free gear for you (Especially on singleplayer where there is no competition.) and make the system work more reasonably and realistically(Why would the coalition/military send supplies to an area without knowing if there is actually someone there?).

The person dropping it is all about giving out supplies. I doubt ethics comes into play with supply distribution. I assume that they know that they can’t save everyone, and that a large crate is easier to recover than several smaller ones being scattered all over.

But gameplay-wise, sure why not.

One post that I saw a year or two ago on the Subreddit was that airdrops would be split into 6 different categories, with each individual airdrops containing only one type of supply, but there’s 6 variations:

  1. Weapons, armor and explosives
  2. Food & water
  3. Agriculture
  4. Medicine
  5. Misc. supplies
  6. Structures and barricades

I think that say, MRE’s should contain various food items, medkits contain various healing supplies, and that sort of thing, so airdrops could drop that kind of stuff.

goddamit am I fucking tired of hearing “just like in Rust” for Unturned II suggestions. Think up something original.

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