Alcohol was a big suggestion when Russia came out (Vodka) but it wasn’t added, fast forward to Germany’s release and there is the addition of Oktoberfest bars and breakable beer objects, so maybe we could get beer or a simple bottle of alcohol as an addition, you could drink it of course, but it would have far better uses than that. Use 1. is alcohol being used in the crafting of dressings/medkits as a anti infective. Use 2. would be in crafting a Molotov cocktail, one beer+2 cloth+(new item) lighter. Use 3. would be as a trading item with NPC’s, beer would be highly sought after in an apocalypse so almost all market NPC’s would buy beer from you.

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Mmh I agree for the crafting part, but not alcohol with bad effects, we have glue for that. Or maybe using berries to make drinks giving the same effects but with higher % to the thirst bar.

I didn’t say it would give bad effects, but berry drinks would be a good idea.

I didn’t say that you said that. Just adding that to your suggestion ^^

ok, :slight_smile:

Probably not added because it would rise the age rating.

how would it? Alcohol is more tame than getting high/blood, it doesn’t even need to make you hallucinate.


yes like for bier Riegele or Häsenbräu

Weed everyday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)