Allow Custom Skeletons and Animation for Modding


Would love to make an Anime mod for this game;3

But seriously this would be nice for changing animations on vanilla weapons and movement and adding more complex animation system similar to ArmA3 trough modding.
I would like the modding system for Unturned || to be as open as possible, allowing for game changing mods and just complete reworks and new features without needing nelson to add it first.


The game will certainly be as open as it can be to modding; you can even install the latest character skeleton right now.


Is there Tokyo Ghoul and JoJo

Also the game will likely have a ton of mod support I believe.


did someone say… ANIME?


Turn mega zombie into JoJo, and have all normal zombies as anime waifus.
Survivor skins range from normal harem MC to Lolis






custom skeletton / intense modding…
and turn zombies into humans :smiley:
let the fun begin in an inegal fight .


Muri daro, Watashi daisuki loli desu


Evangelion mod pls


I don’t speak weeb


Perhaps I guess?