Also about guns and their rarity

Guns should be somewhat uncommon but the real challenge to a gun is geting ammo for it and geting parts for it

The gun rarity has already been discussed before declairing that guns should be a hard find if the game is gonna focus on PvE rather than PvP to increase the difficulty of the game as 3.x is too easy for people because you can find a gun almost anywhere and use it to kill other players who also have guns, increasing your arsenal. So less gun spawns are what we have suggested

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*their …

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Fixed the title for ya

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(I wasn’t part of this forum during this discussion not sure if the author was either. Would you mind showing me where it is?)

I think that not only should guns be made rarer, but that there should be more and better options that fall between guns and melees. For example, a paintball guns might still be useless, but BB guns, and more so air rifles, would have damage rivaling some of the weakest firearms.

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