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How much do we gotta pay C418 to make music for Unturned 2?

We could always have a sort of Breath of The Wild soundtrack, mostly ambience, though I think your idea is better.

General ambience, with the occasional song playing would be nice.

gotta bring the minecraft music in

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TheShadyOrchestra made his own version of Unturned’s theme and sounds really good.

Maybe we can have him make the music for the game?

Or go down the route of The Last of Us and make most of the ambient music with an acoustic guitar?

Pssst a lot of dudes don’t like when someone’s replying to the topic that wasn’t active for a long time.

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If it adds ideas its fine. Forum mods have said this themselves.

In general, ambient sounds are nice, as long as it’s dynamic ambience. Music, not really.

In a house in a heartbeat as an ambient sound when?

fix it brudah

Austin no.

I’d prefer just ambient noises most of the time, instead of random music playing from the heavens.


dammit why did I tell you that

tbh C418 is kinda scummy, because he stopped making music for anyone but Minecraft, because they paid him like $200k

He still makes his own stuff though; it’s not like an exclusivity agreement or anything as far as I’m aware, as he’s done music for films like Beyond Stranger Things. I’d recommend looking at his Wikipedia biography and/or discography.

EDIT: Semi-relevant, but I’ve always enjoyed Rust YouTubers who’d actively use music in their videos (such as BlizzardID and his The Power of Music). Ya’know, just in case people thought Minecraft’s ambiance wasn’t enough of an example?

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Cool one, That’s what unturned needs, because it’s pretty dead with music unturned…

that’s… intentional. Nelson didn’t just release Unturned and then just say “shit i forgot to include music”

“eh whatever they wont notice”


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