An "Art" category would be cool

As mentioned in he title. It would be kinda like the Steam Artwork page, I know… But hey, it wouldn’t hurt anybody!


would be cool but i dont think many will post there

We already have one, its called “Memes” /s

No but seriously, would be cool :joy::ok_hand::100:


Why not, but only related to Unturned.

I am in favour of this, would give me more motive to draw Unturned Art :smiley:

Yeah, but it’d have to be strictly moderated and there’d have to be a lot of clarification on what’s classified as art and what’s classified as memes. For example, would my intricate drawing of the word wed be a meme, or a piece of art?

Arguable, but had I been a moderator, I’d keep it as art, considering it wasn’t an effortless “shitpost” and it actually took talent, but I’d keep it as a meme if let’s say it was literally just the word “Wed” written in MS Paint or something. Not that hard…

Modject Discord has channels for different content, such as showcase and hangout/anarchy. Though the server’s users pump out 10 memes every minute, they still know where to post their content or memes.

I think an Art category would be useful here so users may showcase their stuff.

The Wikia groups Workshop content with video/steam, artwork, and other community-based content.

Admittedly the Forums are not always actively used on the Wikia (probably pick up again after Discussions launches? :open_mouth:), but it has worked fine otherwise.

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